Some photos of me.

Me at the staff Christmas party 2000, captured by Ian M. L-R, Sally, Nick and moi- it was a 70's themed evening hence Nick coming in his hippy gear.I think the contents of my glass was a lethal blue coloured cocktail.

And at the 2001 staff Christmas Party. Hmmm- what did they put in that punch? (The blue stuff again)

Me pulling funny face captured on my workmate Stu's mobile. (No I DON'T always look like that!!)

July 2004

While I was ill recently, I got very attached to a small pink beanie baby cuddly toy, and I ended up buying the larger one as well. Here are some pics taken by Stu in the office

Jackie and cats 1

Jackie and cats 2

Jackie and cats 3

and me at my desk..

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