Glastonbury is my favourite place, I visit 3-4 times a year. This is just a small selection of my photos. I now have a Glastonbury web site

and also a lot of photos of Glastonbury (and many other places) on my flicrk account.

My flickr account

All the photos were taken by myself and cannot be used without my permission.

The Tor

The Tor is a mysterious hill just outside Glastonbury, topped by the 14th Century tower of St. Michaels Church. The rest fell down in an earthquake! Here are just a few of many photos of the Tor.

Tor photos

Chalice Well Gardens

I love these beautiful and peaceful gardens. They have been created round the Chalice Well, an iron rich natural spring whose source has never been discovered.

Chalice Well Photos page 1.

Chalice Well Photos page 2.

Chalice Well Photos page 3.

Abbey Photos

Glastonbury Abbey was once the largest in the country, and the most important until it was dissolved by Henry VIII in the 16th Century. Most of it has been destroyed, but in the early 20th Century it became Church property, and is now being preserved.

Abbey photos.

Other parts of Glastonbury

Photos of other parts of Glastonbury.

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