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Not giving my age away completely, but I have a landmark birthday after which life is said to begin in July 2000.

I was born in Oxford, at the Churchill Hospital back in the days when the John Radcliffe wasn't even a twinkle in a planners eye. I've lived here most of my life, and in the same house which is now mine, since 1967. I strayed to London for college and lived and worked there from 1982-1985, but came back to Oxford as I missed my home too much- aaahh.


I went to Margaret Road Infant and Junior Schools in Headington, then Cheney Girls Grammar School which joined with Cheney Technical School and Margaret Road Secondary to form a Comprehensive school, from 1972 to 1978. I then attended a 3 year full time Certificate in Education at West London Institute of Higher Education in West London. I qualified to teach primary school children, but decided not to persue this. (The training put me off!)

I recently completed a BSc in Social Science with the Open University. My subjects were Psychology and Sociology. So I am now Jackie Hewitt BSc (Open). I have plans to do an extra year for honours, and then maybe think about doing a Masters also with the Open University.


Have had a variety of jobs incuding banking, civil service and taking care of 2 children. I worked in libraries during most of the 80's, including in London. From Feb 1990 to March 96 I worked for Oxfordshire Wheelchair Service doing the admin work involved in providing NHS wheelchairs and I had a lot of input on the IT side in that job. So since March 1996 I have been Registration Administrator at Oxford University Computing Service, and here I still am. One of the lucky ones in a job I really like.


My big passion is cricket and I am going to do a separate page about that. I also enjoy reading, walking, sewing (make a lot of my own clothes), and travel when funds allow. As a person with a mortgage that isn't as often as I like. I am also terrified of flying which limits me a bit! I have also developed an interest in decorating and gardening (called having my own house), and I love Palm Trees, I have 2 growing indoors in my lounge which should be cold hardy enough to move outside eventually. (My Canary Island Date Palm is now outside, at the front where it catches full sun and so far seems quite happy in a British winter). I also collect Unicorns, have a collection of all sorts of things that dates back to 1980. It all started when I was at college and wanted some things to decorate my room and everything I bought seemed to have a unicorn on it!

Reading wise I am an arm-chair traveller, I love travel literature. Paul Theroux and Dervla Murphy are my fave travel writers. I also love watching travel programmes on TV and dreaming about those far away tropical island shores. I am going to do a separate page about travel.

My music tastes- well the two best ever ever ever are Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks. They are the ones I will always admire the most. I am lucky enough to have seen Bruce in concert 3 times, in 85 and twice in 88, and Stevie once in 89. I also like Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Marley,Peter Tosh, and roots reggae in general, Pendragon (who???!) Mike Oldfield, Fleetwood Mac, Hootie and the Blowfish, Sheryl Crow, Madonna, Rolling Stones, and lots more. I have also just re-discovered the music of KC and the Sunshine Band - their lead singer Harry Casey was my heart-throb in my teen years.


I love palm trees, cats, being warm, sunsets, the sea, reading, the blue of the sky and turquoise blue, shopping, buying clothes, buying books, eating muffins, chocolate (especially Cadbury's Creme Eggs) and pasta, Italy, cricket of course.


Cold weather, my central heating breaking down, flying, brussels sprouts and broad beans, ironing (that should be IRONING), throwing things away, credit card bills, and weeds in my new lawn.

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