I have been collecting Unicorns for over 20 years now and have a house full of them! So I thought it was about time I shared them with the world.

It all started when I was in my last year at college in 1980. I wanted some posters for my college room, and returned with several unicorn posters and cards. Whenever I saw anything with a Unicorn on it, I felt compelled to buy it and made a conscious decision to collect them. Friends joined in and bought them for me for Christmas and Birthdays. Over 20 years down the line, I do literally have hundreds of them. Books, posters, several scrapbooks full of cards and pictures. Ornaments made from china, glass, brass, pewter, silver, plastic. All kinds of jewellery- earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair ornaments. T-shirts. Some custom made unique things too- a sweater with unicorns round the bottom which my friend Louise had made for me, a handbag with a unicorn picture which my mum had made for me, and twp original paintings my visionary artist Kevin Scholes who used to go out with an old work mate. Plus several from overseas- tobacco jar from Amsterdam, tapestry and lace from Belgium, one carved into California redwood from the US. About a dozen cuddly toys. Calendars and diaries.

I now have my own house so have been able to expand my Unicorns all over it. There are two nice alcoves above what were the chimney breasts in both downstairs rooms which are filled with shelves and hold the bulk of the ornaments. There are unicorns hanging in windows and from the ceilings, including suncatchers, windchimes and a puppet. Pictures on the all in every room. None in the garden as yet simply because I have never managed to be able to afford a full size one. I even have a sigh which says "The Unicorn Place" which I think maybe should be the name of my house!!

I am going to start with some links to Unicorn pages of which there are many on the web.

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My unicorn cyberpet, Daisy, was adopted from the above site.

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