My fave (and some useful) web sites

Weather sites

Why the obsession with the weather? As a cricket fan- to find out when rain is likely to stop play of course!!

BBC weather page

The Weather Channel

The Weather Outlook

Views of the Earth



Worcs CCC

Another Worcs site


Oxford University Womens Cricket Club

Cricket in The Parks, Oxford

A West Indies site

Other sport

Harlequins RFC

Palm trees and tropical islands

Lots of tropical island photos

Kew Gardens

Palms of the World

London Palm Centre

Tropical art

Dan Mackin's tropical art

Caribbean art

My web pages and editing tools/background sites etc

My home page

Courtney Walsh

New editing page

My new Yahoo web site (which includes my Courtney Walsh site)

Yahoo Geocities editing page

My live journal

Phylis' backgrounds





Web search etc

Google- No fuss search engine

Google newsgroups

Yahoo UK

Cricket-UK Yahoo Group

Bruce S discussion list

TV and radio


Channel 7 H&A site

Summerbay site

Summer Bay 2000

A UK Home and Away site

Aussie Summer Bay site

Fox FM


Michael Palin

Stagecoach buses

Rail enquiries

Princess Cruises

Lonely Planet


Sky Travel

One of my fave places, Positano in Italy

Travel Notes site

Random pick of travel sites

Yahoo travel

Isles of Scilly

Another Scilly site

Scilly News

Isles of Scilly webring




Friends Reunited



Outlet shopping village guide

McArthur Glen Outlet centres

Shopping centres guide

Guide to London shopping

General fashion site

Handbag site

How to Look Good

Shopping arcade

Zoom shopping

Fashion windows

Cats Protection League

West Oxon CPL

I Love Cats site

By cats for cats (really!!)

Bob Seger

Beanie Babies


Stevie Nicks

Nicks Fix

Fireflies site

Sisters of the moon site

Stevie Nicks inspired clothing

And now Bruce Springsteen, my all time fave musician ever!

Backstreets Magazine

Official site

Badlands UK club

VH1's Bruce area

Greasy Lake site

The Boots site

Bruce webring

Steve Van Zandt, long time E Street Band guitarist

Dennis Locorierre, my hero in the early 80's

KC and the Sunshine Band

Even further back- KC and the Sunshine Band

Another KC site with links to most of the others

KC Official site

One of Nona's sites

Nona's other KC site

Debby's KC scrapbook

KC Shrine

Ravenhair's pages

Becky's Island

And all this renewed interest in KC and the Sunshine Band has made me nostalgic for the 70's so:-

70's page.

Stuck in the 70's

The De Franco Family- back to my teenybopper years


Reggae Source

I Reggae

Reggae Train

Niceup reggae

Roots reggae

Peter Tosh


Avalon site

Small site

Official town site

Lots of Glastonbury info

The Chalice Well

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury site

Glastonbury Tourist Information

Fiona Broome's site

Glastonbury author Kathy Jones

The Glastonbury Link

Glastonbury photos

Celtic, Visionary Art and Earth Mysteries, Hippy! Unicorns

(I used to be very hippyish in my younger days. As a sociologist by degree, I am also interested in that particular "counter-culture" as a subject area)

Peter Pracownik

Johanna's site

Lakeside Gallery

Courtney Davies

Celtic Whispers

Arthurian Links

Sacred Sites

Paul Devereux

Earth Mysteries web ring

Stone Circles webring

Mysterious Britain webring

Earth mysteries and Glastonbury

Megalithic Britain

Mysterious Britain

Moon site

Rollright Stones

Sig Lonegrin's site

Celtic Emporium

Woman Spirit

Ghost hunting

Enchanted Forest fantasy site


Skyes Faerie pages

Faerie pages

WynJeras lovely site

Fairy Museum

Sweet Jewel's Unicorn Sanctuary

A Unicorn site

Geoff's Unicorn Page

Unicorn Club

This little fellow came from the above site