Lou Burnard: his home page

This is the 2009 version of my home page, stripped down from its former verbosity to the bare minimum collection of links elsewhere.

I have had some sort of web presence for longer than the average hot dinner, so you'll probably form as good an impression of me by asking Ken Google as you would by reading anything I might propose.

For the record, though, I worked at Oxford University Computing Services from 1975 to 2010, which means I have seen a lot of digital humanities projects come and go. I still do stuff for the British National Corpus and the Text Encoding Initiative, but I officially retired from OUCS at the end of September 2010. I'm still working halftime with a cool French project though.

This website features mostly material of mainly historical (if any) interest, e.g. my family tree, some work in progress, some proto-bloggery etc.

And here's where I'd rather be:

Lilette and I consider a bit of  Mauritian
seaside, December 2003