Months 4-12

From month 4 students' training will be tailored to their needs, with students taking a mixture of methodological, or enabling courses that are shared across the cohort, and more specialised courses in disciplinary streams.  Training will typically be delivered to small groups (8-15), and practical classes will be supported by trained postgraduate or postdoctoral demonstrators.

Skills Toolkit.

The skills toolkit will be delivered using intensive modules, typically comprising interactive lecures, problem-solving classes, or practicals, augmented by directed reading, student-led presentations and discussion groups.  Each module will be worth 1 credit, representing 18 hours of class-contact time.  Students will follow an individual training plan, but be expected to complete a minimum of 4 credits, including at least two cross-cohort courses and one specialist course, before the end of their first year.  They will be expected to complete at least 2 additional credits before the end of their third year.

Specialist Research-Skills Training Courses

These will be worth 1 credit/18 hours each.  Modules will be open to all students and offered annually.  Students will follow a tailored choice, according to their needs and specialisation. Examples below will be augmented by courses that are shared between and across DTPs.

Cross Cohort courses
Specialist Courses

with an indication of the likely participants by stream (B,D,P):
Professional Skills Development

In parallel to the  research skills toolkit, professional and personal skills will be systematically and progressively build up over time. The DTP and partners will run monthly half-day workshops with over-arching topics including:

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