Bent Nielsen: Package apc

apc: Age-Period-Cohort Analysis

Functions for age-period-cohort analysis. The data can be organised in matrices indexed by age-cohort, age-period or cohort-period. The data can include dose and response or just doses. The statistical model is a generalized linear model (GLM) allowing for 3,2,1 or 0 of the age-period-cohort factors. The canonical parametrisation of Kuang, Nielsen and Nielsen (2008) is used. Thus, the analysis does not rely on ad hoc identification.

Papers on Age-Period-Cohort Analysis

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Version: 1.3
Published: 2016-12-01
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apc: Development version

Version: 1.3.1
Published: 2017-05-07
Package xource: apc_1.3.1.tar.gz
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ReadData Illustrates how to read data from files and construct Uses the Belgian lung cancer data from Clayton and Schiffler (1987). Considers data store in csv format: response.csv, rates.csv and xlsx format: both.xlsx. 1.3 R code
Identification Illustrate and check identification used in plot fit function 1.1 PDF source R code
NewDesign Generating new models from design matrix function 1.1 PDF source R code
ReproducingMMNN2015 Reproducing Martinez Miranda, Nielsen and Nielsen (2015). Inference and forecasting in the age-period-cohort model with unknown exposure with an application to mesothelioma mortality. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society series A 178, 29-55. Download: Nuffield DP. Published version. Estimation, forecasting using data.asbestos() 1.2.2 PDF source R code
ReproducingMMNN2016 Reproducing Martinez-Miranda, Nielsen and Nielsen (2016). A simple benchmark for mesothelioma projection for Great Britain. Download: Nuffield DP. Estimation, forecasting using data.asbestos.2013() 1.2.1 PDF source R code
ReproducingHN2016 Reproducing Harnau and Nielsen (2016). Asymptotic theory for over-dispersed age-period-cohort and extended chain ladder models Estimation, forecasting using data.loss.TA() 1.2.3 PDF source R code