The OU Speculative Fiction Group presents

Cory Doctorow

8pm, Wednesday 5th Week (16th February 2005)
The Arts Room, Staircase 7, Trinity College (map), Oxford.

Cory Doctorow is a Canadian techno-sage who, amongst other things, writes SF. He has written two novels (Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom, and Eastern Standard Tribe) and one short story collection (A Place So Foreign and Eight More). Notably, as well as a standard dead tree edition, he also released both novels and most of the short stories free online under a creative commons license. He has also been involved in several collaborations with Charlie Stross, the most recent example of which - Unwirer - was written as alternate posts in a Web Log. His blog and book downloads can be found on his web site.

To comment on, or discuss, Cory Doctorow or his talk, please contribute to the OUSFG Cory Doctorow Wiki page. Also, in a fit of self-referentiality, here is his blog entry announcing his talk.

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