OUSFG* Freshers' Information


The introductory party is Saturday 0th week, or 10th October for those who work in real time, from 2:30 to 7pm (existing members of a helpful disposition may want to turn up at 2pm to help set up; those of a giving disposition may want to bring some money to help pay for the booze - don't bring drinks, because that's against the booking agreement). It is in Balliol's Massey Room. This is towards the back of Balliol (ie left from the lodge, then towards the other end of the large garden-like area you reach after the undercover corridor affair.) There will be signs from the lodge, because we're going to be all organised like that.

And the Rest of Term?

See our term card for details.
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(* this may resemble a phlegmy throat-clearing, but we're the science-fiction/fantasy group)