Directions to Linacre TV Room
for OUSFG Michaelmas 2006 Video Meetings

From the Sheldonian to Linacre

Stand on Broad Street with the Sheldonian Theatre on your right. Go forwards to the crossroads, and turn left into Parks Road. Carry straight on past Wadham College, and the back of St John's. Take the first main road on your right (South Parks Road) - just before the Radcliffe Science Libraries, and follow this to its end. You will pass the new Chemistry Research Laboratory and the animal lab building site. At the corner of South Parks Road and St Cross Road, opposite Experimental Psychology, is Linacre College. Go in through the gate, up the steps and into the lodge.

From Linacre Lodge

On entering the lodge turn right and go through the doorway, and then go down stairs half a floor (if you went down the first flight of stairs, and find yourself near a big painting of hammers and nails, turn right and go half a floor up). Take the doorway on the right of that landing (there should be a payphone in front of you), and the TV room is the unmarked door on your left.
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