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Michaelmas Termcard 2000

Hi. You hopefully remember our stall from Freshers' Fair (it was the black and silver one with lots of SF books). This is to let you know a bit more about what we do.

OUSFG was founded in the 1960s by Brian Aldiss, making us one of the first student run SF groups in the country. We cover the whole range of non-mainstream fiction, particularly science fiction, fantasy and horror, although we don't hold those categories rigidly defined. Being the only general SF group in Oxford University, we hold a broad range of meetings, and our interests cover books, film, TV and all other media.

Below you will find our termcard, with details of all the meetings we have planned for this term. As you can see, Wednesdays alternate between video and discussion meetings, with a speaker meeting in 8th Week. Video meetings are held in Magdalen JCR TV Room. To get there, follow the path right from Magdalen Lodge under an archway and into the quad with the cloisters. Go right, around the quad, until you reach the staircase on the opposite side (labelled JCR) and go up the stairs. Go through the double doors on the first floor and turn right into the TV room. If these doors are locked, please knock loudly.

China Miéville will be coming to speak to us on Wednesday of 8th Week (29th November). He is the author of King Rat and Perdido Street Station. There's a nice feature on him at DarkEcho.

The speaker meeting will be at 8pm in St Hildas' Lady Brodie Room. Directions are as follows. Go through the main gates of St Hildas, straight across the courtyard, and through the double doors to the JCR. Go up the stairs (the JCR is downstairs) and through the doors on the first floor. Then follow the passage straight ahead as far as you can go. The Lady Brodie Room is at the end.

Every Sunday is a library meeting, where you can browse through and borrow from our library of over 2000 books, or simply sit and chat. Library meetings and discussion meetings are also held in Magdalen, but to get there, you must turn left from the Lodge. Go under a medium-sized tower into St Swithuns' Quad and exit through the opposite corner. Turn left and then turn right towards the new block of buildings near the gate. Go under the archway, and you want the second door on the right, and the buzzer labelled "Niall".

At the Library Meeting on Sunday of 8th Week, we will be playing Silly Games.

Wednesday Meetings
1st WeekVideo meetingDogma and Stigmata
2nd WeekDiscussionLonely Planet Guide to the 4th Dimension
3rd WeekVideo MeetingFight Club and Brazil
4th WeekDiscussionCelebrity SF Character Deathmatch
5th WeekVideo MeetingDune and Tremors
6th WeekDiscussionHard SF versus Fantasy
7th WeekVideo MeetingSleepy Hollow and The Nightmare Before Christmas
8th WeekSpeaker MeetingChina Miéville

Also, Saturday 7th Week (25th November) will be the OUSFG/RPGSoc Joint Christmas Party. This will be from 18:30-22:30 in Teddy Hall. Contact Tom Anderson (at a meeting, or via pigeon post at University College, OX1 4BH) and he'll have them for you at the door. £7 for drinkers, £3.50 for non-drinkers. If you pay at the door, the price is £8 for drinkers, £4.00 for non-drinkers.

There are also two Bonus Video Meetings. These will occur in the same room as the Library and Discussion meetings, starting at 2pm. On Saturday, 4th Week, we will be showing all three Back to the Future videos, and on Saturday, 6th Week we will be showing the first half of Angel, series one, unmutilated by Channel 4.

Remember, you can come to any meeting, but Freshers' Drinks are happening Sunday, 1st Week in Balliol (that's the first Sunday of term).

If you need any more information, please visit our website at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~ousfg/

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