OUSFG Michaelmas Termcard 2001

Every Sunday: Library Meetings from 8pm in the Lamb and Flag pub, moving on later (one group at 9:30pm, one at 10:45pm) to the library in 3 Venables Close. Geneva has drawn a nice map to direct you to the pub and the library.

Every Monday from 3rd Week (22 Oct): Bonus Video Meetings - Sapphire and Steel at 8pm at 20 Jeune Street.

Other Meetings
10 Oct  1st Week Wednesday Videos Logan's Run and Blade Runner
13 Oct  Saturday Freshers' Drinks party at 3pm (see below)
17 Oct  2nd Week Wednesday Discussion Niall on The State of SF
24 Oct  3rd Week Wednesday Videos Unbreakable and Highlander
31 Oct  4th Week Wednesday Discussion Construct-a-sci-fi-story
7 Nov  5th Week Wednesday Videos Labyrinth and The Man Who Fell to Earth
10 Nov  Saturday Bonus Video
Dune miniseries at 2pm at 20 Jeune Street
14 Nov  6th Week Wednesday Discussion Adapt your favourite SF/Fantasy book for the screen
21 Nov  7th Week Wednesday Videos Planet of the Apes (original) and Deep Blue Sea
24 Nov  Saturday Christmas Party
28 Nov  8th Week Wednesday Author meeting

Wednesday Discussion and Author meetings start at 8pm in the Blue Boar Room of Christ Church College (on St Aldates; see map). The door code for the locked door halfway to the room is 1532 (if it has changed, please ask the porter or one of the men in bowler hats). N.B. The Author Meeting may have to be moved to a different week. Whichever of the other meetings is displaced will go ahead in 8th Week instead.

Wednesday Video meetings start promptly at 8pm; gather at 7:30pm to avoid missing the start. These take place in the St John's College (on St Giles; see map) JCR video room.

The OUSFG/RPGsoc Christmas Party will be at 7:30pm, Saturday 7th Week (24th November) in the Larkin and Prestwich rooms, St John's college.

Freshers' drinks

There'll be a drinks party to introduce OUSFG to freshers (and freshers to OUSFG) at 3pm on Saturday of 1st Week (13th October), in Talbot Hall, Lady Margaret Hall (at the end of Norham Gardens, off Parks Road; see map). Talbot Hall is directly opposite the entrance to LMH.


You can download a two-page PDF file for printing. This requires a PDF viewer, eg. Adobe Acrobat Reader. This file includes the maps for the library, discussion, and video meetings.
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