OUSFG Michaelmas Termcard 2002

Wednesday meetings (see below for details) are held at 8pm in Jesus College in Seminar Room A.

Library meetings: (Sunday evenings from 8-11pm) are held in Balliol College from the beginning of 2nd week (there will be no library meeting in 1st week). Come along to browse the library, drink tea, and chat to other people interested in science fiction and fantasy. More details, and directions to the library...

NB. The video meeting in 8th Week will be held in Alx and Archie's house, 48 Cranham Street (here's a map to direct you to where the library used to be, but Cranham St is also shown).

12 Oct  Saturday 0th Week Freshers' drinks
16 Oct  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion First Contact - got good/bad examples of first contact from SF or your own head? How should and how would we deal with meeting real aliens? Come along and join in or just listen to the arguments...
This meeting is particularly aimed at Freshers who are interested in joining OUSFG and want to find out who we are and what we are about - but if you can't make it then please come along to any other event.
20 Oct  Sunday 2nd Week Library
23 Oct  Wednesday 2nd Week Videos Memento then Total Recall
27 Oct  Sunday 3rd Week Library
30 Oct  Wednesday 3rd Week Discussion Time Travel - Fact and Fiction by Dr. Tim Adye.
3 Nov  Sunday 4th Week Library
6 Nov  Wednesday 4th Week Videos The Matrix and Tron
10 Nov  Sunday 5th Week Library
13 Nov  Wednesday 5th Week Discussion Celebrity SF character deathmatch. This will involve nominating a number of your favourite SF-type characters and choosing which ones go into the tournament then arguing about which one should win each match and coming up with an eventual winner.
16 Nov  Saturday 6th Week Bonus Videos Firefly - Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy and Angel) has just debuted his new SF series in the States. See the first episodes of this exciting new series first with OUSFG.
17 Nov  Sunday 6th Week Library
20 Nov  Wednesday 6th Week Speaker Brian Aldiss
24 Nov  Sunday 7th Week Library
27 Nov  Wednesday 7th Week Silly games night!
30 Nov  Saturday 7th Week Christmas party
1 Dec  Sunday 8th Week Library Lyndsey and William's house
4 Dec  Wednesday 8th Week Videos Fight Club and The Princess Bride (Alx and Archie's house)

Freshers' drinks: Saturday 0th week 3pm-6pm in the Old Refectory, Wadham College. Come along and meet people!

The Bonus video meeting on Saturday of 5th week will be in Angharad's house in Marston (directions will be emailed closer to the date), unless anyone can offer a bigger living room!

SF guru and OUSFG founder, Brian Aldiss, will be speaking to the society in 6th Week.

Christmas party Saturday of 7th Week (30th November), 7:30pm, the Larkin and Prestwich rooms, St John's College. £10 for drinkers and £5 for non-drinkers. £1 off if you pay the treasurer by cheque before Wednesday of 7th Week. Optional fancy dress, with prizes for the best costumes, plus lots of wine, beer, the inevitable punch, and nice softdrinks, along with music, balloons, and disco lights.

Latest news: We have now confirmed Peter F. Hamilton and China Mieville as guests for Hilary Term.

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