OUSFG Trinity Termcard 2002

Every Sunday: Library Meetings from 8pm at 48 Cranham Street (Geneva drew a nice map to direct you to where the library was, but Cranham St is also shown).

Other Meetings
24 April  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion The Fahrenheit 451 School of Literary Criticism: One to Learn, One to Burn (Blue Boar Room, ChCh)
1 May  Wednesday 2nd Week Videos 'I love 1970s SF cinema' - THX1138 and Soylent Green
8 May  Wednesday 3rd Week Videos 'Surreal' - Amélie and A Life Less Ordinary
15 May  Wednesday 4th Week Author Geoff Ryman (Graves Room, St Johns)
22 May  Wednesday 5th Week Discussion Mike Froggatt: The Fiction in Science - How the Soviets Faked the Space Race (Graves Room, St Johns)
29 May  Wednesday 6th Week Videos with planet in their titles - Red Planet and Forbidden Planet (or, if unavailable, Planet of the Apes (new version))
5 June  Wednesday 7th Week Discussion Alex and Archie's Spoontacular: A Post-Gender Interpretation of the Star Wars Mythos (Graves Room, St Johns)
12 June  Wednesday 8th Week Videos Anime night - Princess Mononoke and others

The Author Meeting with Geoff Ryman will take place in St John's Graves Room (French windows, directly opposite usual video room at SJC) at 8pm on 15th May. The meeting will start promptly, so please be on time.

Wednesday Discussion meetings start at 8pm, either in in St John's Graves Room (see above) or the Blue Boar Room of Christ Church College (on St Aldates; see map). Ask the porter or one of the men in bowler hats for the door code for the locked door halfway to the room. Check the list above for the location of each discussion meeting.

Wednesday Video meetings start promptly at 8pm; gather at 7:30pm to avoid missing the start. These take place in the St John's College (on St Giles; see map) JCR video room.

The Punt Party and panto will be on Saturday of 7th Week (8th June). More details to be announced.


You can download a two-page PDF file for printing. This requires a PDF viewer, eg. Adobe Acrobat Reader. This file includes the maps for the library, discussion, and video meetings.
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