OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2003

Library meetings: (Sunday evenings from 8-11pm) are held in Balliol College. Come along to browse the library, drink tea, and chat to other people interested in science fiction and fantasy. More details, and directions to the library...

Wednesday discussion meetings (see below for topics) are held at 8pm in Jesus College in Seminar Room B.

Wednesday video meetings (see below for programme) start at 8pm in New College, Lecture Room 4 (Noel Salter Room on Staircase 4). To get to New College, walk down Broad Street away from town. When you get to the end, keep on going straight ahead down Holywell Street. The College main entrance is on the right hand side. Go through and turn right. Staircase 4 is the 4th staircase from the entrance (it sticks out from the rest of the building and has a big spiral staircase). Enter the staircase and go through the door on the right, and the Lecture Room 4 is just through there on the left.

22 Jan  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion Tim: Collective Plotting - working within the constraints of a few required plot elements can we come up with ideas and plot for a book or film? Previous stories have involved teleporting Swiss plane crash victims (or are they?) and biotech (somehow involving the Great God Cthulhu and a naked cloned murderer played by SM Gellar). This time we will explore the rich field of alien contact.
29 Jan  Wednesday 2nd Week Videos Stylish SF: Lexx and Akira
5 Feb  Wednesday 3rd Week Discussion Ruth: Children's Fantasy
12 Feb  Wednesday 4th Week Videos Spider-man and Repo Man
19 Feb  Wednesday 5th Week Videos Police state out to get you: Minority Report and Brazil
22 Feb  Saturday 5th Week Con Trip Picocon, Imperial College, London
26 Feb  Wednesday 6th Week Author Peter F. Hamilton
1 Mar  Saturday 6th Week Dinner OUSFG Dinner
2 Mar  Sunday 7th Week AGM Annual General Meeting (in the Library; sillier and more fun than it sounds)
5 Mar  Wednesday 7th Week Discussion Finding visual memes in OUSFG's past and present quirks
12 Mar  Wednesday 8th Week Videos Your TV is out to get you: Ring (original) and Videodrome

The black tie banquet is now confirmed for Saturday of 3rd Week next term (17th May), so we will be having an alternative social event this term - namely a meal out on Saturday of 6th Week (1st March).

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