OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2004

Every Sunday: Library Meetings (and AGM in 7th Week) from 8:30pm in Sebastian's room, Martin Building, Holywell Manor, Room 10.

The Martin building is part of the Holywell Manor grad complex for Balliol. It's on St Cross Rd opposite Holywell Manor itself which is on the corner of St Cross and Manor Roads (the road that leads to St Catz). Sebastian's number is 281364. There is a doorbell out the front but it rings throughout the whole building. If you are unsure either give a ring on approach or just drop into the Manor itself and ask one of the friendly porters and they will call for you.

Wednesday discussion meetings and speaker meeting (see below for topics) are held at 8pm in Jesus College in Seminar Room A. From the entrance to Jesus, go straight across first quad, through an archway into second quad and turn right. Go through another archway and turn left. Staircase XVIII is the modern block straight ahead. Go up the steps and through the door.

Wednesday video meetings (see below for programme) start at 8pm in the Mac Building JCR in Pembroke College (map), which is on the road off St Aldates, opposite the Christ Church front door. Go down to the end, to the large wooden doors on your left (kind of in a corner) where, if you are on time, Mark will be waiting to let you in. If you get in on your own, go through the main entrance into a quad, and go through the passageway to your right, into another quad. Follow the path around past the building on the right, go through an archway, between some more buildings (a toilet block and staircase 8) and into a third quad with houses on the far side. Turn left and walk all the way down to the large black gates. Walk up the steps to your right, around the corner and there's the door to the building you want. This will be locked, so knock on the window to your left as you reach the top of the steps for someone to come and let you in.

21 Jan  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion Alx on Comics
28 Jan  Wednesday 2nd Week Videos Spirited Away and Spaced.
1 Feb  Sunday 3rd Week Bonus Videos The Lord of the Rings (extended versions, much better than the cinematic releases). At 3:00pm, The Fellowship of the Ring, and at 7:30pm, The Two Towers
4 Feb  Wednesday 3rd Week Discussion Quiz
7 Feb  Saturday 3rd Week Picocon with guest authors Peter F. Hamilton, Paul McAuley, and Adam Roberts. A group of us will be going up to London for this one-day SF Convention.
11 Feb  Wednesday 4th Week Videos Orlando and Dark City (to be confirmed)
18 Feb  Wednesday 5th Week Discussion Niall on SF TV
25 Feb  Wednesday 6th Week Videos SF TV as recommended by Niall: Carnivale - Pilot episode ("Milfay"), Farscape - "...Different Destinations" (Series 3, Episode 5), and Firefly - "Out of Gas" or "Our Mrs Reynolds" depending on the audience mood.
27 Feb  Friday 6th Week Banquet Black tie banquet in Balliol College. There will be a reception at 7pm, followed by dinner at 7:30.
29 Feb  Sunday 7th Week AGM AGM in the library from 8:30pm. Brush up on the OUSFG Constitution to understand a little better the surrealality that is our annual general meeting.
3 Mar  Wednesday 7th Week Videos Aliens (extended version), introduced by Laura. Followed by discussion in G&Ds.
10 Mar  Wednesday 8th Week Speaker Jason Kingsley (founder of Rebellion Games and publisher of 2000AD) will tell us about the SF comic

Instead of the library meeting, Sunday of 3rd Week (1st February) will be bonus videos, The Lord of the Rings (see above), instead of the library meeting. These will start at 3pm in Angharad's house.

OUSFG members may also be interested in the Sci-Fi London film festival, 29th January (Thursday, 2nd week) to 1st February (Sunday, 3rd week).

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