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OUSFG Trinity Termcard 2004

Every Sunday: Library Meetings (and the auction in 3rd Week) from 8:30pm in Sebastian's room, Martin Building, Holywell Manor, Room 10.

The Martin building is part of the Holywell Manor grad complex for Balliol. It's on St Cross Rd opposite Holywell Manor itself which is on the corner of St Cross and Manor Roads (the road that leads to St Catz). Sebastian's number is 281364. There is a doorbell out the front but it rings throughout the whole building. If you are unsure either give a ring on approach or just drop into the Manor itself and ask one of the friendly porters and they will call for you.

Wednesday discussion meetings and speaker meeting (see below for topics) are held at 8pm in Jesus College in Seminar Room A. From the entrance to Jesus, go straight across first quad, through an archway into second quad and turn right. Go through another archway and turn left. Staircase XVIII is the modern block straight ahead. Go up the steps and through the door.

Wednesday video meetings (see below for programme) usually start at 8pm in in St John's College (on St Giles; see map) JCR video room.

28 Apr  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion SF Utopias (Angharad)
5 May  Wednesday 2nd Week Video Dark Star introduced by Alx
9 May  Sunday 3rd Week Auction Book auction in (and of) the OUSFG library
12 May  Wednesday 3rd Week Discussion The Cold War and SF (Mike)
19 May  Wednesday 4th Week Video Hardware introduced and (would you believe it) defended by Sebastianin. In the Holywell Manor TV room.
26 May  Wednesday 5th Week Discussion The Future ain't what it used to be (Tim vs Colin)
2 Jun  Wednesday 6th Week Video Shadow of the Vampire
9 Jun  Wednesday 7th Week Discussion Health and Safety in a Zombie Apocalypse (Alx)
12 Jun  Saturday 7th Week Bonus Videos Babylon 5 from 2pm at Ian and Ruth's house (schedule to be decided)
16 Jun  Wednesday 8th Week Silly Games in St. John's, Graves Room
19 Jun  Saturday 8th Week Punt Party with panto! (details to be announced)

4th Week video meeting (Hardware on 19th May) will be in the TV room in Holywell Manor (across the road from the Sebastian's room, the OUSFG library). Go straight in the front door, and then through the door on the left hand side of the grandfather clock in the main foyer (or, straight ahead into the bar, turn left and straight through the double doors) into the TV room. Sebastian will wait at the lodge until around 7:55pm, then others will have to get the porter to let them in.

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