OUSFG Trinity Termcard 2008

Sunday Library Meetings are held from 8pm to 11pm in the shared house inhabited by our Librarians near Botley Road. These evenings are an opportunity to socialise, and chat about life, the universe and everything, whilst also perusing and borrowing from OUSFG's library of over 2,400 books.

Discussion meetings (see below for dates and topics) and Silly Games are held on Wednesdays at 8pm in St Catz, Room A of the Bernard Sunley Building (or, in 3rd Week, the JCR Theatre).

St Catherine's College is at the end of Manor Road, which is off Saint Cross Road to the east of the city centre (map). For the Bernard Sunley Building, go over the bridge into the college, then turn right just before the new Porter's Lodge. Turn right again, then left when you get to a round circular building (the bike shed). Go straight on for a bit past a brick wall, then turn left to cross the moat and go into the quad. There should now be a circle of grass and a large tree in front of you. Turn right and walk the entire length of the building that's on your right. At the end turn left, cross the small garden* and go into the Bernard Sunley Building. Or use this map of the college.

* At this point, if you look and listen carefully, you'll find a ventilation shaft leading deep into the earth. Beware of Morlocks and ensure your time machine is securely locked.

Wednesday video meetings (see below for programme and locations) start at 8pm.

23 Apr  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion Isms (David). Speculative Fiction has a long history of exploring issues of discrimination, such as racism, sexism, homophobia and disability discrimination. Sometimes it challenges them, sometimes it panders to them. I will start the discussion by presenting a few examples of the good and the bad. Then we can discuss various questions of how writers handle the subject. It would be great to have people come and suggest some more examples they loved/hated; but as usual please come even if you just want to listen!
30 Apr  Wednesday 2nd Week Video The Prophecy, introduced by Tim in New College Lecture Room 6 - marked "D" on this map (or PDF).
7 May  Wednesday 3rd Week Discussion SF Iconography - to determine the best 20+ speculative fiction icons. This will continue into the creation of OUSFG T-shirts. (Lyndsey) This meeting will be in St Catherine's JCR Theatre.
14 May  Wednesday 4th Week Silly Games
21 May  Wednesday 5th Week Discussion Philosophy in Speculative Fiction part 2, led by Toby.
22 May  Thursday 5th Week Quiz Oxford Geek Quiz - battle of wits and knowledge against Docsoc, Tolksoc, RPGsoc, et al. Please bring your own round of questions if you have one (don't tell anyone the answers). 8pm, St John's College, North Lecture Room.
28 May  Wednesday 6th Week Video Zathura: A Space Adventure
4 Jun  Wednesday 7th Week Video Ginger Snaps
7 Jun  Saturday 7th Week Punt Party
11 Jun  Wednesday 8th Week Discussion Does non-human intelligence exist? (Oliver and Colin)

There might also be a Bonus Video Meeting (best of Babylon 5?).

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