OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2010

Sunday Library Meetings (from 2nd Week, 24 January) are held from 8pm till late in Eck's room, Liddon 1702 in Keble (map).
Directions: To get in the Keble main gate if it is locked, ring the bell and say you are visiting Calum Devlin. Then through the porters lodge, go forward about 2/3 of the way, turn right and cross the quad. Straight in front is the door to staircase 7. If you can get in here, turn left, straight to the end and through the door in front of you. 1702 is on the left. If the door to staircase 7 is locked, Eck's room is the ground-floor triple window to the left (just to the right the next staircase): shout or throw some gravel and someone will let you in. If you get lost or stuck, you can phone the Keble lodge on 01865-272727 and ask for extension 22416.

These evenings are an opportunity to socialise, and chat about life, the universe and everything, whilst also perusing and borrowing from OUSFG's library of over 2,400 books.

Wednesday discussion and video meetings (except 5th Week; see below for topics) are held at 8pm in New College Lecture Room 4 (marked "C" on this map; or PDF).

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20 Jan  Wednesday 1st Week Video Let the Right One In
27 Jan  Wednesday 2nd Week Discussion Tentacular Vikings Evening. Working within the constraints of a few required plot elements can we come up with ideas and plot for a book or film? Previous stories have involved biotech (somehow involving the Great God Cthulhu and a naked cloned murderer played by SM Gellar), alien contact (superintelligent bears rescue space station survivors), and a time-travelling dragon. Oh yes, and tentacular Vikings. (Discussion led by Andrew.)
3 Feb  Wednesday 3rd Week Video Jurassic Park
10 Feb  Wednesday 4th Week Discussion Messages to Aliens. Current efforts to communicate with aliens mainly involve listening for radio messages. More ambitious ways have been seriously proposed, starting (back in the 19th century) with lighting big forest fires the Martians will be bound to notice. Far more imaginative ways have been proposed in SF. But that's nothing to the suggestions we will come up with. And the scary thing about brainstorming is: some idea might actually be workable. (Discussion led by Colin.)
17 Feb  Wednesday 5th Week Food Bring and eat a planet at Doug's house.
24 Feb  Wednesday 6th Week Discussion Terminal 6. A discussion on different societies inspired by Ursula LeGuin's Changing Planes. (Discussion led by Conrad.)
27 Feb  Saturday 6th Week Banquet Black-tie dinner in New College.
28 Feb  Sunday 7th Week AGM Annual General Meeting (as part of the Library Meeting).
3 Mar  Wednesday 7th Week Video Moon
10 Mar  Wednesday 8th Week Discussion OUSFG Takes Over The World (Planning Meeting). (Discussion led by Doug.)

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