OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2011

Sunday Library Meetings are held from 8pm till late in Andrew's room, in Balliol (map), Staircase 3 Room 4. If you enter Balliol front quad and turn right, it is the staircase in the corner directly ahead. Room 4 is on the ground floor. These evenings are an opportunity to socialise, and chat about life, the universe and everything, whilst also perusing and borrowing from OUSFG's library of over 1,400 books.

Wednesday discussion and video meetings are held at 8pm in Lecture Room A in Queen's College (map), except where noted otherwise below. Lecture Room A is half way along the right-hand side of the front quad, on the ground floor.

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19 Jan  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion Writing the next Jonathan Coulton hit song
26 Jan  Wednesday 2nd Week Video The Sixth Sense. "I see Dead People." Clever, moving, spooky.
2 Feb  Wednesday 3rd Week Discussion Former OUSFG President, Niall Harrison, discusses UK fandom
9 Feb  Wednesday 4th Week Video Vanilla Sky. "Open your eyes." A dark psychological drama about dreams, reality, and what might have been.
12 Feb  Saturdayday 4th Week Banquet 7pm at The Pink Giraffe Chinese Restaurant. Contact ousfg.society@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk for tickets.
13 Feb  Sunday 5th Week AGM The OUSFG Annual General Meeting will be in the OUSFG Library, followed by the usual library meeting.
16 Feb  Wednesday 5th Week Discussion Flawed Utopias
17 Feb  Thursday 5th Week Quiz Oxford Geek Quiz — battle of wits and knowledge against Docsoc, Tolksoc, RPGsoc, et al. Bring your own round of questions if like (don't tell anyone the answers). 8pm, St John's College, North Quad Lecture Room.
23 Feb  Wednesday 6th Week Video FAQ about time travel. Three geeks in a pub discover the time portal in the loos. Shaun of the Dead, but with time travel.
2 Mar  Wednesday 7th Week Food Techno-food (at Imladris)
9 Mar  Wednesday 8th Week Silly Games may contain werewolf

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