OUSFG Michaelmas Termcard 2015

Sunday Library Meetings are held from 8pm until late (normally around midnight) in Room 18, St Aldates House. It's located on Speedwell Street, just off St Aldates, and past the Tesco. Call or text Jabberwocky on 07833326322 if you need to be let in, or need help with directions.
These evenings are an opportunity to socialise, and chat about life, the universe and everything, whilst also perusing and borrowing from OUSFG's library of around 1000 books.

Wednesday discussion (&c) meetings meetings are held at 8pm in Queen's College, Lecture Room A (unless noted otherwise, below). We'll be meeting by the front entrance on High Street at 8pm to walk in. If you arrive later, just go to the right side of the front quad – the door will have a sign for the lecture room outside.

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14 Oct  Wednesday 1st Week Discussion Desert Planet Books (or 10 books to read before you die). Our Michaelmas term kicks off, as is traditional, with a our annual discussion of the best books of all time. An excellent place to find out about the best books that you have not yet come across, and hopefully introduce the society to hidden gems that we have not heard of.
21 Oct  Wednesday 2nd Week Discussion A Back to the Future inspired discussion on time travel and futures past.
28 Oct  Wednesday 3rd Week Video Episodes of Red Dwarf. This meeting is in Pembroke College's, Mary Hyde Eccles Room.
The chosen episodes we plan to watch are: The End (S1E1), Queeg (S2E5), Terrorform (S5E3), Gunmen of the Apocalypse (S6E3), and Back to Reality (S5E6).
4 Nov  Wednesday 4th Week Board Games
11 Nov  Wednesday 5th Week Discussion Quiz prep at G&D's, casual meeting
12 Nov  Thursday 5th Week Quiz Oxford Geek Quiz — battle of wits and knowledge against Docsoc, Tolksoc, RPGsoc, et al. Bring your own round of questions if you like (don't tell anyone the answers). 8pm, outside the Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen (Directions from WhoSoc.)
18 Nov  Wednesday 6th Week Discussion Fantastic beasts and where to find them, and ousfg beast creation session, full details to be figured out by Will.
25 Nov  Wednesday 7th Week Discussion This week, our Wednesday meeting is for creating our own fantastic creatures, and will be led by Will. Come along and make a marvel (or abomination) to rival the mechaswan! We're in a different room than usual: the meeting will be held in Park 3, at Somerville College. We'll be meeting outside the main gate at 8pm.
2 Dec  Wednesday 8th Week Party/Social Games

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