OUSFG Michaelmas Termcard 2016

Sunday Library Meetings would usually be held from 8pm until late (normally around midnight) in the OUSFG library. These evenings are an opportunity to socialise, and chat about life, the universe and everything, whilst also perusing and borrowing from OUSFG's library of around 600 books. Unfortunately this term we don't have anywhere with room for both OUSFG members and books, so we will hold separate gatherings on occasional Sunday evenings — to be announced.

Wednesday (or Thursday) film/discussion/speaker meetings are held at 8pm in one of the Pembroke College (map) or Somerville College (map) meeting rooms. See below for details.

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9 Oct  Sunday 1st Week Somerville Freshers' Cakes Drop in for obligation-free CAKE (not a lie!), drinks, nibbles, introductions, and conversation!
3–6pm in Somerville's New Powell Room.
12 Oct  Wednesday 1st Week Pembroke Discussion Desert Planet Books (or 10 books to read before you die). Our Michaelmas term kicks off, as is traditional, with a our annual discussion of the best books of all time. An excellent place to find out about the best books that you have not yet come across, and hopefully introduce the society to hidden gems that we have not heard of.
8pm in Pembroke's Allen and Overy Seminar Room (29 on map)
19 Oct  Wednesday 2nd Week Pembroke Discussion Tentacular Vikings. Working within the constraints of a few required plot elements can we come up with ideas and plot for a book or film? Previous stories have involved biotech (somehow involving the Great God Cthulhu and a cloned murderer played by SM Gellar), an archaeological dig on an alien world, and bears who poop in spaaaaace. Oh yes, and tentacular Vikings. (Discussion led by Tim.)
8pm in Pembroke's Allen and Overy Seminar Room (29 on map)
26 Oct  Wednesday 3rd Week Pembroke Film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Fancy dress is far from compulsory but is very much encouraged!
8:10pm in Pembroke's Eccles Room (8 on map)
3 Nov  Thursday 4th Week Pembroke Speaker Award winning author and former OUSFG president, Frances Hardinge will be speaking to the Society.
8pm in Pembroke's Eccles Room (8 on map)
We have a poster and a Facebook page for this event. It would be really helpful if you could let us know whether you're attending either on Facebook or via email. If there's anything you'd like to ask / hear Frances Hardinge talk about, you can also email with your questions!
9 Nov  Wednesday 5th Week Somerville Discussion An evening dedicated to playing Werewolf, a game in which everyone is an ordinary villager, and no one saw anyone die. Fresh blood New players are most welcome. Our (ever evolving) rules will be explained; or see here.
8pm in Somerville's New Powell Room. (top-right on map) [Facebook]
10 Nov  Thursday 5th Week St Peter's Quiz Oxford Geek Quiz — battle of wits and knowledge against Docsoc, Tolksoc, RPGsoc, et al. Bring your own round of questions if you like (don't tell anyone the answers). This term, cosplay is encouraged, but not compulsory. Representing OUSFG, you can come dressed according to an SF or fantasy theme. 8pm, St. Peter's College, Dorfman Centre.
16 Nov  Wednesday 6th Week Somerville Discussion Web comics. What does the web comic scene look like? Is there anything else worth reading aside from XKCD and SMBC (spoiler alert: yes)? Where is a good place to start? Join us for a lively and most educational discussion led by our resident web comic specialist, Will.
8pm in Somerville's Eleanor Rathbone Room (top-right on map, next to New Powell) [Facebook]
23 Nov  Wednesday 7th Week Pembroke Film Mad Max: Fury Road
8pm in Pembroke's Eccles Room (8 on map)
30 Nov  Wednesday 8th Week Somerville Party Chirstmas party at 8pm in Somerville's Maitland 20 room (left of centre on map)

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