OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2017

Sunday Library Meetings would usually be held from 8pm until late (normally around midnight) in the OUSFG library. These evenings are an opportunity to socialise, and chat about life, the universe and everything, whilst also perusing and borrowing from OUSFG's library of around 600 books. Unfortunately, this term is proving tricky to organise library meetings every Sunday, but we will endeavour to hold one or two Sunday meetings with the actual books.

Wednesday discussion are held at 8pm in one of the Pembroke College (map) or Somerville College (map) meeting rooms. See below for details.

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18 Jan  Wednesday 1st Week Somerville EGM This meeting will be an Extraordinary General Meeting, and we'll be voting on the proposed changes to the constitution, passed down to us from the Proctors' Office. We'll then celebrate this exercise in democracy by killing each other in a Werewolf game or two.
25 Jan  Wednesday 2nd Week Pembroke Discussion Is the adaptation better than the original? Jabberwocky will lead a discussion that is bound to tear OUSFG apart.
8pm in the Littlegate Seminar Room in Pembroke (29 on the map)
1 Feb  Wednesday 3rd Week Pembroke Discussion Utopias (and possibly dystopias). A discussion meeting prompted by a lengthy conversation at the pub about how to make the world a better more efficient place. Loosely led by President.
8pm in the Andrew Pitt Room in Pembroke (29 on the map).
8 Feb  Wednesday 4th Week Pembroke Discussion Interactive fiction. Jabberwocky will tell us what this is all about. According to rumour, there's a fun interactive element to it.
8pm in the Eleanor Rathbone Room, Somerville College (middle right on the map).
15 Feb  Wednesday 5th Week Somerville Video Anime. Ben and Will will introduce us to the anime SF scene with a few pilot episodes.
8pm in House 29, Somerville College (middle right on the map).
16 Feb  Thursday 5th Week GTC Quiz Oxford Geek Quiz — battle of wits and knowledge against Docsoc, Tolksoc, RPGsoc, et al. Bring your own round of questions if you like (don't tell anyone the answers). Cosplay is encouraged, but not compulsory. Representing OUSFG, you can come dressed according to an SF or fantasy theme.
7:45pm, Green Templeton College Lecture Theatre (Details from WhoSoc.)
22 Feb  Wednesday 6th Week Pembroke Discussion Gods of OUSFG. In a fight to the death, which fictional deity or deity-like entity would win? Convince us that your favourites really are the best! Again, loosely led by President.
8pm in the Littlegate Seminar Room in Pembroke (29 on the map)
25 Feb  Saturday 6th Week Banquet The OUSFG banquet! Location to be confirmed, but we can promise lots of good food and even better company.
1 Mar  Wednesday 7th Week Pembroke AGM Annual General Meeting. According to our glorious leader: "Power corrupts, or so they say. I just think it's quite good fun, really. Unfortunately, at the end of term I'll be retiring from my presidency and taking my place as member of The Council of the Wizened. This means committee elections!"
8 Mar  Wednesday 8th Week Somerville Silly games I suppose serious games are also allowed. Maybe.

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