OUSFG Michaelmas Termcard 2018

Wednesday discussion, video, and games meetings are held at 8pm, mostly in Worcester College (map); or Pembroke College's Allen and Overy Room (#29 on map). See the termcard below for details.

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6 Oct  Saturday 0th Week Worcester Freshers' Virtual Cakes Drop in to meet the crew and fellow geeky freshers, see what we get up to, maybe play some silly games, and see whether the virtual cake becomes real.
2–5pm in the SNSC Le May Room in Worcester College.
SNSC is the "Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre" which is a pretty (albeit convoluted) walk from the College main entrance. Follow the signs for the "Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre", shown by the arrows on this map, or as follows. Go to the right around the quad, and down staircase 6 at the end. Walk across Besse Quad and out across the Orchard, through the Nash Building, and then turn left, head under Sainsbury Building, and the SNSC is ahead of you. If you come around 2pm, there will be guides at the Worcester College main entrance. Or you can ask the College Porters for directions.
10 Oct  Wednesday 1st Week Worcester Discussion Desert Planet Books (or 10 books to read before you die). Our Michaelmas term kicks off, as is traditional, with a our annual discussion of the best books of all time. An excellent place to find out about books that you have not yet come across, and hopefully introduce the society to hidden gems that we have not heard of.
8pm in Worcester College's Seminar Room A.
14 Oct  Sunday 2nd Week OUSFG Library At 8pm. This is an opportunity to socialise and chat about life, the universe and everything, whilst also perusing OUSFG's library of around 600 books. If you are interested, we can also watch Doctor Who together beforehand.
17 Oct  Wednesday 2nd Week Pembroke Discussion Tentacular Vikings. Working within the constraints of a few required plot elements can we come up with ideas and plot for a book or film? Previous stories have involved biotech (somehow involving the Great God Cthulhu and a cloned murderer played by SM Gellar), the use of a time machine to establish academic priority, and finally an explanation for why we keep crashing on that dratted desert planet. Oh yes, and tentacular Vikings. (Discussion led by Tim.)
8pm in Pembroke College's Allen and Overy Room.
24 Oct  Wednesday 3rd Week Pembroke Discussion Discworld (Discussion led by Eck.)
31 Oct  Wednesday 4th Week Pembroke Video Halloween film: What We Do in the Shadows.
7 Nov  Wednesday 5th Week Pembroke Games Time to dust off your crossbows and break out your poker faces… this Wednesday OUSFG will be playing Werewolf! If you aren't already familiar with it, Werewolf is a silly and fiendish role-playing game similar to Mafia. A group of villagers are trying to track down some werewolves hiding in their midst; this involves logical deduction, shameless lying and backstabbing, and a lot of silliness. We'll explain the rules on the night or if you're very keen you can see them here. (meeting led by Ash)
8 Nov  Thursday 5th Week Worcester Quiz Oxford Geek Quiz — battle of wits and knowledge against WhoSoc, TolkSoc, HPsoc et al. Bring your own round of questions if you like (don't tell anyone the answers).
8pm, Nazrin Shah auditorium in Worcester College (map; Details from WhoSoc).
14 Nov  Wednesday 6th Week Author Talk by an SFF author to be confirmed.
21 Nov  Wednesday 7th Week Discussion Crisis of authorities (Amelha on Jasper Fforde)
28 Nov  Wednesday 8th Week Party Chirstmas party with silly games.

Every now and again we also host a Sunday Library Meeting, held from 8pm till late in our librarian's flat. These evenings are an opportunity to socialise and chat about life, the universe and Everything, whilst also perusing OUSFG's library of around 600 books.

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