OUSFG Trinity Termcard 2018

Wednesday discussion, video, and games meetings are held at 8pm, mostly in Pembroke College. We'll meet just outside the main entrance. If you come late, you'll find us in The Rookery on Staircase 6, which is just across from the main entrance (map). Some meetings are held elsewhere, so please check the termcard below, or see the announcement on the mailing list.

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25 Apr  Wednesday 1st Week Pembroke Video Comedy SFF TV episodes: Rick and Morty, Community, The Good Place
2 May  Wednesday 2nd Week Gardeners Arms Discussion Star Wars canon beyond the movies (meeting led by Miriam).
The Star Wars films are one of the most popular Hollywood franchises, but there is a lot more to the Star Wars universe than those (currently) nine films. From animated TV series (with a new one just announced) via comics to tie-in novels, there are plenty of Star Wars stories not made for the silver screen.
If you've know (m)any of the Extended Universe/Legends materials, come along and tell us about your favourite bits! And if not, come along to find out where to start with the EU.
9 May  Wednesday 3rd Week Worcester Games Time to dust off your crossbows and break out your poker faces… this Wednesday OUSFG will be playing Werewolf! If you aren't already familiar with it, Werewolf is a silly and fiendish role-playing game similar to Mafia. A group of villagers are trying to track down some werewolves hiding in their midst; this involves logical deduction, shameless lying and backstabbing, and a lot of silliness. We'll explain the rules on the night or if you're very keen you can see them here. (meeting led by Ash)
16 May  Wednesday 4th Week Pembroke Discussion Time travel for fun and profit (meeting led by Tim).
At 20:00 BST on Wednesday, 16th May 2018 CE, we will meet / will have met / are meeting / have met at Pembroke College to discuss time travel. We particularly welcome visitors from the future or past - the usual prerequisite of OUSFG Eternal Membership is waived on this occasion.
23 May  Wednesday 5th Week Pembroke Discussion Creative writing and fanfic (meeting led by Ash).
We'll be playing some silly games to get the ideas flowing, then sitting down to do some quiet(ish) writing or coming up with worldbuilding notes or character designs. All genres welcomed, though you can expect a preponderance space ships, dragons and coffee shop AUs. No prior Writerly Experience is expected. We will provide pens and paper, but if you prefer to use a laptop or tablet you'll need to bring one.
24 May  Thursday 5th Week Worcester Quiz Oxford Geek Quiz — battle of wits and knowledge against WhoSoc, TolkSoc, HPsoc et al. Bring your own round of questions if you like (don't tell anyone the answers).
8pm, Nazrin Shah auditorium in Worcester College (map; Details from WhoSoc).
30 May  Wednesday 6th Week Pembroke Video SFF TV drama episodes: Westworld, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, American Gods
6 Jun  Wednesday 7th Week OUSFG Library Discussion The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (meeting led by Andy).
The genius of Douglas Adams, and his works, deserves to be worshipped on a weekly basis; failing that, we can at least have a session at OUSFG. Come and join us for a curated selection of facts and insights, along with a round-table discussion for everyone to share their thoughts (good or bad).
The meeting will be held in the OUSFG Library, which is at Flat 32, Rowland Hill Court, in the west of town not too far from the train station. You can reach a buzzer for flat 32 through one of the gates on Hollybush Row, near the zebra crossing, here.
13 Jun  Wednesday 8th Week Silly Games I suppose serious games are also allowed. Maybe.

We will also be holding a Punt Party, with possible panto production, this term.

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