Oxford University Trampoline Club

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Welcome to our Website

Trampolining is a fun, exhilarating sport suitable for people of almost any age, shape or ability. Here at OUTC all of our members, who range in ability from complete beginners through to long-time bouncers, are trained by our experienced, friendly and qualified coaches.

The club aims to provide a welcoming atmosphere, and holds frequent social events. In addition, we compete annually in BUCS and Varsity competitions, as well as a number of other University competitions. Competing is entirely optional, but the majority of the club find competitions a great social opportunity to have fun and meet other University clubs.

Trampolining is an Olympic sport, and bouncing at the highest level requires great strength, stamina and skill. It's a great way to burn calories, improve your balance, posture and flexibility, and increase your core strength!

Both members of Oxford University, Oxford Brookes and non-students are welcome to join the club - please feel free to come along to a training session!

Are you a Fresher?

Trampolining is one of the most enjoyable clubs to join as a fresher! Our training is relaxed and great fun. We also have a number of social events each term.

First term antics are:

  • Taster sessions! These are fun, informal sessions which allow you to have a go with no commitment to join. We'll be doing fun activities on the trampolines and the floor. NB: these sessions tend to be a lot busier than normal training session throughout the year so don't be put off by the crowds!

  • Crew date - a tradition as old as Oxford itself! The whole club has a meal with another OU club before finishing off the night in Park End (now Atik). Typically a men's "crew" dates a women's "crew" but we like to all go together!

  • ANTIVARSITY - In the second week of term we are hosting a friendly competiton with the Cambridge Trampoline Club. Mixed "Oxbridge" and "Camford" teams compete against eachother for the antivarsity trophy. This is followed by the antivarsity meal and night out.

  • Oxmas training. For our last session of term we train in the most outragous christmas outfits that we can find and play a variety of festive trampolining games.

  • Oxmas party to celebrate the end of first term!

Training starts in September and is open to Brookes and OU students as well as non-students. No previous trampolining experience is required! Taster sessions are £3 to cover our insurance costs (see About for more details). To save time on the day, please complete our membership form in advance of the session.