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Southampton SUTL Competition 2017

On the 29th of April, seven Oxford trampolinists (six to compete, one as a coach) travelled to Southampton to compete in the last SUTL (Southern University Trampolining League) competition of the season. The day began with the SUTL 6 competition and an amazing win by Joanne Halford. She scored highest in her category (51.700) in only her second trampolining competition ever. Emma Richardson also had a very successful competition, scoring 82.335 points, which earned her a bronze medal in the SUTL1 category. The other scores were as follows:

Jazz Doble (SUTL 3): 47.800 (11th)
Anne Bast (SUTL 3): 47.900 (10th)
Corinne Tomsett (SUTL 4): 44.000 (14th)
Lawrence Beaumont (SUTL 6): 45.200 (11th)

The Oxford team also unexpectedly won the team award for the best form scores in the entire competition. It was a very successful competition overall, which was celebrated with a nice meal in Southampton, before the amazing Jazz Doble chauffeured the rest of the team home.

- Anne Bast 29/04/2017

Varsity 2017

This year has been a hugely successful year for the Oxford University Trampolining Club. The club has both grown in size and in skill and this success was continued into the annual Varsity Match against Cambridge held on the 4th March. Both sides fielded strong teams. The Dark Blues had 13 competitors divided into A, B, C and a reserve team. Held at home, the fixture had been eagerly awaited by both Oxford and Cambridge alike. The Oxford Trampolining Club has always struggled against a Cambridge club which is better funded and larger when it comes to Varsity, with us only having won twice in the club’s history. This year, however, we were able to reclaim our trophy following an excellent display from all our competitors.

In trampolining four individuals compete twice in each team. The first routine is a set routine and the second is a voluntary routine, competitors are marked on form only in the first routine (assuming they make it to the end!) and on form and difficulty in the second. From these scores the highest three for set and the highest three for voluntary count towards the club’s overall tariff.

The day began with the B team. Anne Bast, Corinne Tomsett, Andrew Turner and Verena Schenzinger were competing for Oxford. All those competing performed excellently. A special shout out should be given to Andrew Turner who, despite being in his fourth year, had been yet to complete a Varsity competition without ‘crashing out’ in one of his routines! This year all of the Oxford B Team achieved the full 20 moves. The B Team contributed an overall total of 136 points to Oxford’s score, with scores from Anne Bast, Andrew Turner and Verena Schenzinger counting towards the total.

After the reserve team, in which Oxford’s Millie Dunlop scored an impressive 42.1, came the C’s team. There was a moment when Oxford feared that Daniel Sherlock might not make it after an incident involving the baking of some cookies. Which, incidentally, upon arrival turned out to be a flaming success. When we finally had a team ready to compete we saw some truly excellent trampolining. This team in particular included several competitors who had never trampolined before Michaelmas and it was great to see people trying out new sports and getting the opportunity to compete in them. Hannah Glover, Laura Stone, Daniel Sherlock and Amber Barton competed in this team and although there were a few more crashes than in the B team (maybe the burning incident threw Daniel off balance slightly) they still managed to score a fantastic 138.5 points with every competitor contributing towards the final total.

Finally it was time for the A Team to compete, with the competition so tight it seemed clear that this would be what decided the final results. Competing was Emma Richardson, Richard Healicon, Philip Elders and Philip Baker. This stage of the competition was truly breath-taking to watch (if you could bear to keep your eyes open!) There was some excellent trampolining by both Oxford and Cambridge alike. The A Team contributed a whopping 156.9 points towards Oxford’s total, securing both victory for the club and 1st and 2nd place for Oxford’s Richard Healicon and Emma Richardson who scored 54.9 and 54.3 respectively. This also saw the fresher Emma Richardson secure a Full Blue. Overall Oxford had scored 431.4 whilst Cambridge scored 424.7. The day was rounded off with a fun round of Roulette Synchro which saw Cambridge and Oxford competitors paired together and given a quick warm up to try and memorise a routine at a difficulty both could compete at and then perform it in perfect* synchronicity. This was great fun and a great way of getting to know the Tabs, who turned out to be quite nice actually. This was won by Laura (Oxford) and Ryan (Cambridge) with a score of 35.3. Laura had only started trampolining in Michaelmas so it was great to see her doing so well.

Overall the day was a great success and it was brilliant to be able to reclaim the trophy from Cambridge. The club really has had an excellent year and it was so brilliant to be able to see the hard work of all those involved paying off in tangible results. Having had so many new people join in Michaelmas it was great to see their progress and to be able to compete so well against a club with significantly more funding than our own. Anyone who is interested in trampolining and getting the chance to compete against Cambridge in next year’s varsity should contact any member of the committee. It would be really great if we could continue our increase in membership into the next academic year.

*My synchro partner and I may have missed this memo, scoring an impressive 3.2 points between us.

- Corinne Tomsett 04/03/2017

Surrey SUTL Competition 2017

In the Surrey competition on the 11th of March OUTC had four members competing in SUTL (the Southern Universities Trampoline League). The majority of competitors made it there on time while our president slept in following an early morning e-mail ensuring we were all prepared, which is why we love him!

Apart from that, the rest of the competition went as planned and after a long day Phil and Verena went to the social and had heaps of fun while Jasmine and I explored some of Surrey before heading back to Oxford.

Score wise Oxford was successful with Jasmine Doble doing amazing and placing third in SUTL 3 women with a score of 51.100.

Everyone else competing also did very well:

Jasmine Doble, 3rd SUTL 3 – 51.100
Phil Baker, 7th SUTL 3 – 46.000
Verena Schenzinger, 13th SUTL 4 – 45.600
Joanne Halford, 27th SUTL 6 – 42.800

Overall a successful competition with further thanks to Jasmine for offering to drive without whom we all would’ve been late.

- Joanne Halford 16/05/2017

Bath SUTL Competition 2016

On the 10th December 4 trampolinists from OUTC competed in the Southern Universities Trampoline League (SUTL) hosted at Bath University. It was a long but exciting (and somewhat stressful!) day for everyone involved. With 2 flat tyres on the way there the odds certainly seemed against us but it worked out well in the end and we had a great time at the Bath Christmas Market afterwards.

There were great performances from everyone who competed. A special mention must go to Emma who came 2nd in the SUTL 1 Category with 85.835 – an excellent achievement!

Emma Richardson, 2nd SUTL 1 – 85.835
Kevin Tam, 10th SUTL 2 - 63.520
Philip Baker, tbc (they’ve lost my results lol)
Verena Schenzinger, SUTL 4 – 14th 43.200

Thanks as well to Corinna for spending the whole day marshalling and judging without competing herself, without her we would have been unable to attend.

- Philip Baker 10/12/2016

Michaelmas Cuppers 2016

This year we entered 11 individuals into our annual cuppers. We decided to move it from Trinity term to Michaelmas term in the hope it would encourage new members into future competitions. This certainly proved to be the case as we’ve entered far more competitions this year than we have done in recent years!

The day itself ran smoothly and it was exciting to see some old faces returning. Thank you to Emily and Tammy for coming back to help judge and it was great to see you also getting the opportunity to compete.

11 people competed from a variety of colleges and from the community in 3 teams. The teams were lovingly called Mernose, The Saints and ‘Pete-Ex-Town’. The competition itself was fierce and the end results were very close. In the end The Saints won with a score of 25.0, however the battle for second place was extremely tight, with Pete-Ex-Town just pipping Mernose with a score of 23.6 compared to their 23.3.

The Saints were helped to victory by the individual competition winner Emma Richardson of St. Hilda’s College who scored an impressive 52.4 putting her comfortably in line for a full blue later in the year. Second was Tammy Shaw a former St. Catz student with a score of 48.3 and third Amber Barton of St. Cross with a score of 45.2.

- Corinne Tomsett 27/11/2016

Trinity Cuppers 2016

On Sunday 15th May we held our Trinity Term Cuppers. It was a fantastic event and, as you can see from the scores, a very tight contest. Philip Baker took first in the individual whilst "The Inner Circle" took first in the team competiton by only 1.45!

1st Philip Baker (25.0)
2nd Verena (22.8)
3rd Corinne (22.2)

1st "The Inner Circle" (68.95)
2nd "The Outer Crosses" (67.5)

We also appointed out new committee for 2016-17:
President: Philip Baker (Brasenose)
Vice President: Corinna Joerres
Secretary: Charlotte Ferguson (Corpus Christi)
Treasurer: Corinne Tomsett (St. Hilda's)

A massive well done to all who participated. We will be holding out next cuppers in Michaelmas Term.

- Verena & Philip 15/05/2016

Trinity Term Dinner 2016

Why do I have to write this?

There's literally nothing to say.

We went to Oriel.

We had dinner.

I got drunk.

That's literally everything that happened.

I hope you're happy now, Phil

- Corinne Tomsett 27/04/2016

Varsity 2016

Our Varsity competition this year was held in Cambridge. There was a wonderful atmosphere and, though we had to hand back the trophy, we were extremely pleased with the day’s achievements.

A mixed-uni ‘Russian Roulette Synchro Competition’ added to the fun, with our President Verena Schenzinger and her Cambridge partner achieving second place.

Particular congratulations go to Hannah Glover, Benjamin Rudling and Edward Carroll, new members who had never competed before - they did us proud.

Phoebe Barnett narrowly missed out on first place, and there were multiple personals bests, making it a very successful day for OUTC.

- Verena Schenzinger Hilary 2016

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