Man Yee Kan

Associate Professor and Fellow of Linacre College

Department of Sociology, University of Oxford

Manor Road, Oxford, OX1 3UQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1865 281338

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I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford. My research interests are gender inequalities in the family and the labour market, marriage, the gender division of labour, time use research, welfare and public policy regimes in Western and East Asian societies.


I have been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant (Oct 2018 - Sept 2023) for a project on temporal structures of gender inequalities in East Asian and Western countries. GenTime:




I have supervised doctoral and master students on topics of gender, family sociology, comparative family research, time use, and social inequalities. I would welcome applications in these areas and in empirical sociology.


My publications include: 


(forthcoming) Special Issue on Domestic Division of Labour and Fertility Preferences in East Asia. Demographic Research. (with E. Hertog)

2018 ‘Resource bargaining and gender display in housework and care work in modern China’. Chinese Sociological Review. 50(2): 188-203. (with G. He)

2017 ‘Domestic Division of Labour and Fertility Preferences in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan’. Demographic Research. 36(18): 557-588. (with E. Hertog)

2016 ‘Who is doing the housework in multicultural Britain?’ Sociology. 52 (1), 55-74. (with H. Laurie)

2014 ‘Changing patterns in the allocation of savings, investments and debts within couple relationships’. Sociological Review, 62(2): 335-358 (with H. Laurie)

2014 ‘Household Production and the Labour Market’. In G. Razzu (ed). Gender and the Labour Market in the UK. Oxford University Press.

2013 ‘Labor and Love: Wives’ Employment and Divorce Risk in its Socio-Political Context’. Social Politics. 20(4): 482-509. (with Cooke, L., Erola, J., Evertsson, M, et al)

2013 ‘Housework Participation Measurement’ In A. C. Michalos (ed). Encyclopaedia of Quality of Life Research. Springer.

2012 'Half-way to Gender Equality in Work?  Evidence from the Multinational Time Use Study'. In J. Scott (ed). Gendered Lives. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Pp. 74-94. (with J.Gershuny)

2011 'Gender Convergence in Domestic Work: Discerning the Effects of Interactional and Institutional Barriers from Large-Scale Data' in Sociology, 45(2): 234-251. (with J.Gershuny & O. Sullivan)

2011 'Investigating Scheduling of Work: A Two-Stage Optimal Matching Analysis of Workdays and Workweeks' in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A. 174(2): 349-368. (with L. Lesnard)

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2007 'Work Orientation and Wives' Employment Careers: an evaluation of Hakim's preference theory'. Work and Occupations, 34(4), pp. 430-462.

2006 'The Political Values and Choices of Husbands and Wives'. Journal of Marriage and Family, 68(1), pp. 70-86. (with A. Heath)



A full list of my publications can be found from my CV.



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