Proochista Ariana

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Oxford Department of International Development

Queen Elizabeth House

3 Mansfield Road

Oxford OX1 3TB

United Kingdom

Department of Public Health

Rosemary Rue Building

Old Road Campus, Headington

Oxford OX3 7LF

United Kingdom

Dr Ariana is co-director of the MSc in Global Health Science and Lecturer in Global Health and Develoment in the Department of International Development (ODID) and the Department of Public Health at Oxford University.  Her research empirically examines the interaction between processes of development and health with an appreciation for the complexity of both.  Within this framework she applies the Capability Approach to understand how social and cultural factors contribute to health.  Dr Ariana's work includes investigation of the health of indigenous populations amidst development in Chiapas, Mexico and examination of how rapid transitions are affectig health in rural China.  She is also involved with research exploring how poverty dynamics relate to the various dimensions of health and the innovative uses of technologies for health.

Dr Ariana holds a masters degree in International Health from Harvard and a doctorate in International Development from Oxford as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, also from Oxford.  This compliments her first degree in Immunology, extensive laboratory research and medical training.