Proochista Ariana

Dr Ariana runs a module on International Development and Health for MSc students in Global Health Science and MPhil students in Development Studies. She also co-convenes a module on Health, Environment and Development. In addition, she lectures on the core course for MPhil students in Development Studies. She supervises essays and theses for post graduate students in the departments of Public Health and International Development whose research examines the interactions between development and health.

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DPhil Students:

Emma Preston (2008-2012 co-supervised with Dr Emma Plugge)

Attitudes, correlates, and implications for intervention: a quantitative and qualitative investigation of childhood overweight and obesity among a pro-poor cohort in Peru

Manisha Nair (2010-present co-supervised with Dr Premila Webster)

The impact of employment on child health:  An examination of NEGRA’s role in improving child health in rural India [provisional title]

Elizabeth Radin, DPhil Candidate in Public Health (2011-present)

The Capability Approach for Health:  An empirical application in Vietnam [provisional title]

Jiming Zhu, DPhil Candidate in Public Health (2012- present)

Modelling Human Resource for Health Needs in Rural China [provisional title]

Marco Haenssgen DPhil Candidate in International Development (2012- present co-supervised by Dr Xiaolan Fu and Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas)

Mobile technologies and health: a study in India and China [provisional title]

MPhil Students in Development Studies:

Ana Mujica Pereira, MPhil in Development Studies (2012-13)

Epidemiological transitions and health utilisation patterns among indigenous peoples in Colombia

Serena Stein, MPhil in Development Studies (2011-12)

Urban Food Security in Maputo, Mozambique

Natasha Azad, MPhil in Development Studies (2011-12)

Marginalization and Undernutrition among the Korku in Madhya Pradesh, India

Harry Guinness, MPhil in Development Studies (2011-12)

Undernutrition among the Turkana: Implications of the Transitions from Nomadic to Settled Lives

Marco Haenssgen, MPhil in Development Studies (2011-12)

Policy Formulation and Implementation in Public Health:  The Case of the Polio Eradication Initiative in India

Shaharzad Akbar, MPhil in Development Studies (2010-11)

Midwife Training Programmes and Maternal Health in Afghanistan:  Perceptions, Deceptions and the Politics of Birth

Fauzia Jamal, MPhil in Development Studies (2010-11 co-supervised with Dr Winnie Yip)

Healthcare decision making: The choice of enrolment in Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme

Shrochis Karki, MPhil in Development Studies (2010-11 co-supervised with Prof David Gellner)

The Perception and Experience of Education among a Chepang Community in Nepal

Daniel Vujcich, MPhil in Development Studies (2009-10 co-supervised with Dr Steven Allender)

Anatomising Aboriginal Health Politics: Aboriginal Health Policy Prioritisation in Western Australia

Kuumuori Ganle, MPhil in Development Studies (2009-10)

Development and Malaria Prevention in Rural Ghana:  A Study of Knowledge, Practice, Policy and Power

MSc Students in Global Health Science:

Oluwatosin Ogunmoyero, MSc in Global Health Science (2012)

Bullying Among Adolecents: A Comparitve Study of Peru, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and India

Anne Joan L'lanziva, MSc in Global Health Science (2012)

Agriculture as the main source of livelihood and Child Nutrtion in Ethiopia

Rosanna Jeffries, MSc in Global Health Science (2012)

Household Size and Child Nutritioal Outcomes in Ethiopia 

Sahar Akbar, MSc in Global Health Science (2012)

A Comparative Study of Self Rated Health Among Children in Peru, Ethiopia, Vietnam and India

Ayisha Bashir, MSc in Global Health Science (2011)

Subjective and Objective Measures of Health and Self-Efficacy among Adolescents in Peru

Hoang Anh Doan, MSc in Global Health Science (2010)

The relative determinants of antenatal care utilisation among pregnant women in Vietnam

Christopher Lewis, MSc in Global Health Sceince (2010)

A systematic review of treatment for unipolar depression in sub-Saharan Africa

Manisha Nair, MSc in Global Health Science (2009)

The decision to use institutions for delivery:  A study among the poor women in Andhra Pradesh, India

Rosa Gan, MSc in Global Health Science (2009)

Parental education and child stunting in Ethiopia and Peru

Laurel Gabler, MSc in Global Health Science (2009)

Referring Upwards: A Pilot Study on the Effectiveness of the Mitanin Referral System in Chhattisgarh, India

Lita Cameron, MSc in Global Health Science (2009)

Healthcare Choices in the Context of Reform: Perspectives of Young Lives Caregivers in Vietnam