The Materials Society is a subject based society for anyone studying Materials Science, Materials Science with Economics & Management or another related degree. The Materials Society is based at the University of Oxford and aims to promote Materials Science, support its members in their studies and organise social events.

Here on our website you can find details of all our upcoming events, details about MatSoc membership and pictures from our recent events and socials. Members can also login and make use of the Materials Society's online Academic Resources.

Materials Science in the News

Fast Nano 04/03/09 - Hot Electrons In Carbon: Graphite Behaves Like Semiconductor

Scientists have found that graphite behaves like a semiconductor in ultrafast time scales. The results are of fundamental importance for future electronic devices based on carbon, in which high electrical fields or frequencies are processed. Read More

Nano Sonar 02/03/09 - Nano-sonar Uses Electrons To Measure Under The Surface

Just as sonar sends out sound waves to explore the hidden depths of the ocean, electrons can be used by scanning tunnelling microscopes to investigate the well-hidden properties of the atomic lattice of metals. Read More

Grow With The Flow 07/02/09 - Nanoscale Materials Grow With The Flow

Imagine unloading a pile of bricks onto the ground and watching the bricks assemble themselves into a level, straight wall in only a few minutes. While merely a fantasy for builders in the everyday world, these types of self-assembled structures are a reality for those who build materials in the nanoworld. Read More

Electrode 18/02/09 - Need to store electricity more efficiently? Put it behind bars.

Lithium-Ion batteries have better performance with new electrode material - hybrid carbon nanotube metal oxide arrays as electrode material that may improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries. Read more.

MatSoc News

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21/02/09 - MatSoc Competitions

Winners announced! Many thanks for all your entries.

06/02/09 - MatSoc Competitions

Just launched, your chance to win prizes with our MatSoc competitions!

02/02/08 - Formal Hall Match-Up

MatSoc is proud to present its new Formal Hall Match-Up Service.
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