Fellow and Tutor in Economics, Merton College, University of Oxford

Columbi ägg by Nils Dardel (Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

Columbi ägg by Nils Dardel (Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)


My research interests are primarily in population dynamics, social and economic networks, statistical size distributions, and inequality.


Targeted carbon tax reforms with Maia King and Alex Teytelboym
European Economic Review 2019 [article]
Intersectoral production network model. We characterise the general equilibrium impact on aggregate emissions of taxing the emissions of any set of sectors.

Hotelling competition and the gamma distribution
Games and Economic Behavior 2018 [article, code, f.n.20 correction] In any symmetric equilibrium of the pure location game, as the number of firms becomes large, the market share distribution converges to a Gamma(2,2) distribution. The result holds regardless of the distribution of consumers.

Social groups and social network formation with Alex Teytelboym
Games and Economic Behavior 2017 [article, code, appendix] Dynamic network formation model on a fixed number of nodes and overlapping social groups. Homophily can be non-monotonic over time.

Counterfactuals in “agreeing to disagree”
Mathematical Social Sciences 2016 [article] Interpreting the Sure-Thing Principle as a counterfactual proposition resolves issues with the original “agreeing to disagree” result.

In progress

Intergenerational aspirations, capital dilution, and the dynamics of inequality with Francis Dennig
Working paper [draft]


Advanced undergrad: Microeconomic Analysis, Game Theory
Intermediate undergrad: Microeconomics, Quantitative Economics
Introductory undergrad: Microeconomics


DPhil University of Oxford 2014, supervisor: John Quah, examiners: Alan Kirman and Péter Eső
MPhil University of Oxford 2009
Undergrad University College London 2007

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