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PUBLICATIONS to January 2017

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•1990 The Infinite (London: Routledge)
A paperback edition, with corrections, was published in 1991.
A Japanese translation was published in 1996.
A revised second edition, with a new preface, was published in 2001, and a correspondingly revised Japanese translation was published in 2012.
A reprint, with corrections, was published in 2005.
Estonian, Spanish, and German translations are projected.
To hear an interview on infinity, drawing ideas from the book, click on Philosophy Bites.
To see a lecture on infinity, drawing ideas from the book, click on Lecture to St Hugh’s ASM.
To see a lecture on immortality and infinity, drawing ideas from the book, click on Lecture to St Hugh's ASM.
To hear programmes from a ten-part BBC Radio 4 series on the history of the infinite, drawing ideas from the book, click on A History of the Infinite.

•1997 Points of View (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
A paperback edition, with corrections, was published in 2000.
To see abstracts of the book and of each chapter in it, click on Oxford Scholarship Online.

•2003 Noble in Reason, Infinite in Faculty: Themes and Variations in Kant's Moral and Religious Philosophy (London: Routledge)
A paperback edition, with corrections, was published in 2005.
To hear the first in a series of lectures on Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, drawing ideas from the book, click on Lecture on Kant.

•2012 The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics: Making Sense of Things (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)
A paperback edition, with corrections, was published in 2013.
For references to the book on the ‘Campaign for the American Reader’ blog, click on The Page 99 Test.
To hear an interview on metaphysics, drawing ideas from the book, click on Interviews With Oxonians.
To hear an interview on Kant’s metaphysics, drawing ideas from a chapter in the book on Kant, click on Philosophy Bites.
To hear an interview on the nature of the history of philosophy, drawing ideas from the conclusion of the book, click on Philosophy Bites.


•1993 (ed.) Meaning and Reference (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
A reprint, with corrections, was published in 2001.

•1993 (ed.) Infinity (Aldershot: Dartmouth)

•2006 (ed.) Bernard Williams, Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline (Princeton: Princeton University Press)
A paperback edition, with corrections, was published in 2008.
An Italian translation was published in 2013.

•2012 (ed. jointly with Roxana Baiasu and Graham Bird) Contemporary Kantian Metaphysics: New Essays on Space and Time (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan)


•1982 Logic Exercises, for use in conjunction with Hodges’ ‘Logic’ (published by the Oxford University Sub-Faculty of Philosophy), written jointly with Stephen Blamey and Julie Jack
A revised second edition was published in 1984.


•1984 ‘Possible Worlds and Diagonalization’, in Analysis
•1985 ‘Set Theory, Skolem’s Paradox and the Tractatus’, in Analysis
•1985 ‘Transcendental Idealism in Wittgenstein, and Theories of Meaning’, in Phil. Quarterly
This was reprinted, with corrections and an appendix, in The Later Wittgenstein on Language, ed. Daniel Whiting, in 2010.
•1986 ‘How Significant is the Use/Mention Distinction?’, in Analysis
•1987 ‘Points of View’, in Phil. Quarterly
•1987 ‘Frege’s Permutation Argument’, written jointly with Andrew Rein, in Notre Dame J. Formal Logic
•1987 ‘Beauty in the Transcendental Idealism of Kant and Wittgenstein’, in British J. Aesthetics
•1987 ‘On Saying and Showing’, in Philosophy
•1988 ‘Aspects of the Infinite in Kant’, in Mind
•1988 ‘What Does Gödel’s Second Incompleteness Theorem Show?’, in Noűs
•1989 - 90 ‘A Problem for Intuitionism: The Apparent Possibility of Performing Infinitely Many Tasks in a Finite Time’, in PAS
•1990 ‘A Kantian View of Moral Luck’, in Philosophy
•1991 ‘Can Reflection Destroy Knowledge?’, in Ratio
•1992 ‘A Note on Kant’s First Antinomy’, in Phil. Quarterly
•1992 ‘Human Finitude, Ineffability, Idealism, Contingency’, in Noűs
•1993 ‘Ineffability and Reflection: An Outline of the Concept of Knowledge’, in European J. Phil.
•1996 ‘Solipsism and Subjectivity’, in European J. Phil.
•1997 ‘The Underdetermination/Indeterminacy Distinction and the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction’, in Erkenntnis
•2003 ‘Ineffability and Nonsense’, in PAS Supp. Vol.
•2003 ‘Ineffability and Religion’, in European J. Phil.
•2003 ‘Williams on Ethics, Knowledge, and Reflection’, in Philosophy
•2006 ‘Williams, Nietzsche, and the Meaninglessness of Immortality’, in Mind
•2006 ‘Maxims and Thick Ethical Concepts’, in Ratio
•2006 ‘The Bounds of Sense’, in Phil. Topics
•2007 ‘Is the Feeling of Unity that Kant Identifies in his Third Critique a Type of Inexpressible Knowledge?’, in Philosophy
•2013 ‘Varieties of Sense-Making’, in Midwest Studies in Phil.
•2015 ‘Being, Univocity, and Logical Syntax’, in PAS
•2016 ‘One World’, in European J. Phil.


•1986 ‘Grundgesetze, Section 10’, written jointly with Andrew Rein, in Frege Synthesized, eds Leila Haaparanta and Jaakko Hintikka
•1993 ‘The Method of Exhaustion as a Model for the Calculus’, in Hegel and Newtonianism, ed. Michael John Petry
•1996 ‘On There Being Nothing Else to Think, or Want, or Do’, in Essays for David Wiggins, eds Sabina Lovibond and S.G. Williams
•1998 ‘More on “The Philosophical Significance of Gödel’s Theorem”’, in New Essays on the Philosophy of Michael Dummett, eds Johannes L. Brandl and Peter M. Sullivan
•1999 ‘Conative Transcendental Arguments and the Question Whether There Can Be External Reasons’, in Transcendental Arguments, ed. Robert Stern
•2000 ‘Arguing With Derrida’, in Arguing With Derrida, ed. Simon Glendinning
•2001 ‘Apperception and the Unreality of Tense’, in Time and Memory, eds Christoph Hoerl and Teresa McCormack
•2002 ‘What Are These Familiar Words Doing Here?’, in Logic, Thought and Language, ed. Anthony O’Hear
•2007 ‘Realism and the Absolute Conception’, in Bernard Williams, ed. Alan Thomas
•2007 ‘Wittgenstein and Transcendental Idealism’, in Wittgenstein and His Interpreters, eds Guy Kahane, Edward Kanterian, and Oskari Kuusela
•2011 ‘Vats, Sets, and Tits’, in Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism, eds Joel Smith and Peter Sullivan
•2011 ‘A Response to Sullivan’, in Beyond the Tractatus Wars, eds Rupert Read and Matthew A. Lavery
•2011 ‘Wittgenstein and Infinity’, in The Oxford Handbook of Wittgenstein, eds Oskari Kuusela and Marie McGinn
•2013 ‘Freedom, Temporality, and Belief: A Reply to Hare’, in Kant on Practical Justification, eds Mark Timmons and Sorin Baiasu
•2013 ‘Was the Author of the Tractatus a Transcendental Idealist?’, in Wittgenstein's Tractatus: History and Interpretation, eds Peter Sullivan and Michael Potter
•2015 ‘Dummett on the Logical Basis of Metaphysics’, in Dummett on Analytical Philosophy, ed. Bernhard Weiss
•2017 ‘Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy of Mathematics’, in A Companion to Wittgenstein, eds Hans-Johann Glock and John Hyman


•‘What Descartes Ought to Have Thought About Modality’, in The Logical Alien at Twenty, eds Charles Travis and Sofia Miguens
•‘Sense-Making From a Human Point of View’, in The Cambridge Companion to Philosophical Methodology, eds Giuseppina d’Oro and Sřren Overgaard


•1999 ‘One or Two Dogmas of Objectivism’, a critical notice of Thomas Nagel, The Last Word, in Mind
•1999 ‘Misplaced Celebrations? Reply to Mark Sacks’s Critical Notice’, a reply to Mark Sacks’s critical notice of my Points of View, in International J. Phil. Studies
•2002 ‘Quasi-Realism and Relativism’, a contribution to a symposium on Simon Blackburn, Ruling Passions, in Phil. and Phen. Research
•2003 ‘On the Right Track’, a critical notice of Crispin Wright, Rails to Infinity, in Mind
•2003 ‘How to Catch a Tortoise’, a review of Brian Clegg, A Brief History of Infinity, Robert Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan, The Art of the Infinite, and David Foster Wallace, Everything and More, in LRB
•2004 ‘The Metaphysics of Perspective: Tense and Colour’, a contribution to a symposium on Barry Stroud, The Quest for Reality, in Phil. and Phen. Research
•2004 ‘The Seven Million Dollar Question’, a review of Keith Devlin, The Millennium Problems, in LRB
•2007 ‘Reason, Freedom, and Kant: An Exchange’, an exchange with Robert Hanna on my Noble in Reason, Infinite in Faculty, in Kantian Review
•2009 ‘Not to be Taken at Face Value’, a contribution to a symposium on Timothy Williamson, The Philosophy of Philosophy, in Analysis Reviews
•2011 ‘Bird on Kant’s Mathematical Antinomies’, a contribution to a symposium on Graham Bird, The Revolutionary Kant, in Kantian Review
A slightly revised version of this appeared in Contemporary Kantian Metaphysics, eds Roxana Baiasu, Graham Bird, and A.W. Moore.
•2012 ‘From a Point of View’, a critical notice of Derek Parfit, On What Matters, in Phil. Quarterly
•2012 ‘Carving at the Joints’, a review of Theodore Sider, Writing the Book of the World, in LRB
•2015 ‘Replies’, replies to twenty-two essays on my The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics, in Phil. Topics
•2016 ‘Reply to Sorin Baiasu and Edward Kanterian’, a reply to essays by Sorin Baiasu and Edward Kanterian on Ch. 5 of my The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics, in Kantian Review


•1996 ‘Philosophy of Logic’, in The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy
A revised version of this appeared in a second edition of the book in 2002.
•1996 ‘Williams, Bernard’, in Dictionnaire d’Ethique et de Philosophie Morale
A revised version of this appeared in a fourth edition of the book in 2004.
•1998 ‘Antirealism in the Philosophy of Mathematics’, in Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
•1998 ‘Infinity’, in Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
•2005 ‘Infinity’, a revised version of the preceding, in Shorter Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
•2006 ‘Bernard Williams: Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy’, in Central Works of Philosophy, ed. John Shand
•2007 ‘Sir Bernard Arthur Owen Williams (1929 - 2003)’, in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
•2009 ‘Quine’, in Twelve Modern Philosophers, eds Christopher Belshaw and Gary Kemp
•2010 ‘The Transcendental Doctrine of Method’, in The Cambridge Companion to Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, ed. Paul Guyer
•2013 ‘Williams, Bernard’, in International Encyclopedia of Ethics, ed. Hugh La Follette
To hear an interview on Bernard Williams’ ethics, drawing on this entry, click on Philosophy Bites.

•‘The Transcendental Doctrine of Method’, in The Cambridge Kant Lexicon, ed. Julian Wuerth


•1989 ‘Early Greek Philosophers on the Infinite’, in Cogito
•1995 ‘A Brief History of Infinity’, in Scientific American
•1997 ‘Taming the Infinite’, in Foundations of Science
•1999 ‘I want five more minutes.  Does that mean I want to live for ever?’, in The Independent on Sunday
‘The English Language and Philosophy’, in Rue Descartes
•2002 ‘Trying to Subjugate the Infinite’, in Richmond J. Phil.
•2005 ‘Paradoxes of the Infinite’, in UEA Papers in Philosophy
•2006 A contribution to the Preface of Bernard Williams, The Sense of the Past
•2006 ‘Commentary on the Text’, in Bernard Williams, Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy
•2010 ‘Infinity’, in Philosophy Bites, eds David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton, a transcript of the interview cited above
•2010 ‘On Neither Wanting to Die Nor Wanting to be Immortal’, in Oxford Philosophy
•2011 ‘The Expanding Universe Hits Breaking Point’, in The Globe and Mail
•2012 ‘Kant’, in Philosophy Bites Back, eds David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton, a transcript of the interview cited above
•2014 ‘An Untimely Review of Immanuel Kant, Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics’, in Topoi
•2014 ‘Some Recent Developments in Philosophy’, in The Harvard Review of Philosophy
•2016 ‘Five Books on Kant’, a transcript of an interview in the series Five Books

•An essay on Cantor’s theorem for Aeon
•A transcript of an interview on Kant in a volume on Kant’s legacy, ed. Anthony Morgan


•2003 ‘Bernard Williams: 1929 - 2003’, an obituary, in Philosophy Now
•2008 ‘The Recent Development of Philosophy in the West’, in The 20th Anniversary of the Philosophy Summer School in China: A Memorial Volume
•2011 ‘Sir Michael Dummett’, an obituary, in The Guardian
•2016 ‘Editorial’, written jointly with Lucy O'Brien, in Mind


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