Bernhard Salow

Magdalen College

bernhard.salow AT

I am an Associate Professor at the Oxford Philosophy Faculty, and a Tutorial Fellow at Magdalen College. I was previously a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College Cambridge, a PhD student at MIT, and a BPhil and undergraduate student at Oxford.

Most of my research is in epistemology. I'm particularly interested in the internalism/externalism debate; in issues of 'evidence management' (what kind of control we can/should exert over what evidence we receive); and in their interaction. In thinking about those issues, I've also worked on the connection between knowledge and chance, the nature of self-knowledge, epistemic contextualism, and the rationality of risk-aversion.

I also have resarch interests in ethics, metaphysics, philosophical logic, and the philosophy of language.

Published Papers

Elusive Externalism. Mind, forthcoming.

Don't Look Now (with Arif Ahmed). British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, forthcoming.

The Externalist’s Guide to Fishing for Compliments. Mind, 127: 691-728, 2018.

Transparency and the KK Principle (with Nilanjan Das). Noûs, 52: 3-23, 2018.

Taking a chance on KK (with Jeremy Goodman). Philosophical Studies, 175: 183-196, 2018.

Partiality and Retrospective Justification. Philosophy and Public Affairs 45: 8-26, 2017.

Lewis on Iterated Knowledge. Philosophical Studies 173: 1571-1590, 2016.


Contextualizing Knowledge by Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2018.

Work in Progress

Avoiding Risk and Avoiding Evidence (with Catrin Campbell-Moore)