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346 Room-temperature helimagnetism in FeGe thin films
S. L. Zhang, I. Stasinopoulos, T. Lancaster, F. Xiao, A. Bauer, F. Rucker, A. A. Baker, A. I. Figueroa, Z. Salman, F. L. Pratt, S. J. Blundell, T. Prokscha, A. Suter, J. Waizner, M. Garst, D. Grundler, G. van der Laan, C. Pfleiderer and T. Hesjedal
Sci. Rep. 7, 123 (2017) Link
347 Quantum Griffiths Phase Inside the Ferromagnetic Phase of Ni1-xVx
R. Wang, A. Gebretsadik, S. Ubaid-Kassis, A. Schroeder, T. Vojta, P. J. Baker, F. L. Pratt, S. J. Blundell, T. Lancaster, I. Franke, J. S. Möller, and K. Page
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 267202 (2017) Link
348 Local magnetism and spin dynamics of the frustrated honeycomb rhodate Li2RhO3
P. Khuntia, S. Manni, F. R. Foronda, T. Lancaster, S. J. Blundell, P. Gegenwart, and M. Baenitz
Phys. Rev. B 96, 094432 (2017) Link
349 Strong Coupling of Microwave Photons to Antiferromagnetic Fluctuations in an Organic Magnet
M. Mergenthaler, J. Liu, J. J. Le Roy, N. Ares, A. L. Thompson, L. Bogani, F. Luis, S. J. Blundell, T. Lancaster, A. Ardavan, G. A. D. Briggs, P. J. Leek, and E. A. Laird
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 147701 (2017) Link
350 Low-field spin dynamics of Cr7Ni and Cr7Ni-Cu-Cr7Ni molecular rings as detected by μSR
S. Sanna, P. Arosio, L. Bordonali, F. Adelnia, M. Mariani, E. Garlatti, C. Baines, A. Amato, K. P. V. Sabareesh, G. Timco, R. E. P. Winpenny, S. J. Blundell, and A. Lascialfari
Phys. Rev. B 96, 184403 (2017) Link
351 Crystal structure and magnetic modulation in β-Ce2O2FeSe2
C.-H. Wang, C. M. Ainsworth, S. D. Champion, G. A. Stewart, M. C. Worsdale, T. Lancaster, S. J. Blundell, H. E. A. Brand, and J. S. O. Evans
Phys. Rev. Materials 1, 034403 (2017) Link
352 Emergence, causation and storytelling: condensed matter physics and the limitations of the human mind
S. J. Blundell
Philosophica 92, 139 (2017) Link
353 Two-gap superconductivity with line nodes in CsCa2Fe4As4F2
F. K. K. Kirschner, D. T. Adroja, Z.-C. Wang, F. Lang, M. Smidman, P. J. Baker, G.-H. Cao, and S. J. Blundell
Phys. Rev. B 97, 060506(R) (2017) Link
Email: s dot blundell at physics.ox.ac.uk