Engineering Systems Development - Useful Contacts


We are currently looking for interesting and valid projects, group documentation tasks and information storage uses* for the new Engineering Sharepoint Service and other developments. The service went live at the start of the Academic Year, 2011 / 2012 and contains a mixture of information resources, web-based applications and collaborative projects either migrated from the existing WSS 3.0 Service or implemented directly on Sharepoint 2010 as a new project.

Interested parties should contact us in the first instance by emailing, or via any of the links in the list of contacts on this page.


*Sharepoint projects and services require a specification survey and prospective parties will be asked to view and agree to the Engineering Sharepoint Service Level Agreement prior to the development, deployment and handing over of their Engineering Sharepoint Site or Collection.

A thorough testing period should also be allowed for as part of a system's deployment.