Using Wordpress to build your online presence

The basics

  1. Getting started with Wordpress - let me YouTube that for you...
  2. the difference between and
  3. Pages and posts
  4. Rich media (images, video, audio )

Some nifty tricks

  1. Getting the word out - pushing notifications out to Social media (Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing: publicize - select Social Media channel)
  2. Posting via email (go to list of My blogs under Dashboard, enable 'Post by email')
  3. How effective is your site? Keeping an eye with Google analytics
  4. Widgets (Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets) - lots to choose from...

Linking the online and the offline

  1. QR codes - make your own Qr code
    QR code qr this page (somewhat redundant...)QR code for Steve Eyre's Wordpress blog
  2. URl shorners (like bitly and tinyurl) - good for Twitter, Powerpoint presentations, posters, etc.

Taking it to the next level

  1. Moving from to to , ask Google how...
  2. Wordpress VIP
  3. Using a 'proper' CMS? (Drupal, Plone, etc...)

Some more resources

  1. Principles to creating and online presence in Wordpress (video of a presentation by Adam McLane who has lao written some rules on blogging)
  2. tips for Wordpres SEO How to make your blog visible in Google - much of this applies only to Wordpress sites you host yourself, but it's useful to know anyway...
  3. Wordpress premium (i.e. charged) features
  4. You can host audio fro free on Soundcloud
  5. You can host video for free on YouTube