Theoretical Philosophy Work in Progress (TWiP) Seminar

Time: Mondays 3-5pm, weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8
Location: The Conduit Room (week 6 in the Spooner Room), New College
Convenor: Martin Pickup
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This seminar provides a forum for faculty members (at Oxford or visiting) to get friendly and supportive feedback on their current work in progress in ‘theoretical’ philosophy, broadly construed. It also aims to bring together philosophers working in these areas and let one another know what we're up to. There is a 'core' group of faculty who attend most of the sessions and typically present papers: if you are interested in joining this 'core' then you are most warmly welcome (email Attendance is always open to all interested faculty and graduate students.

Work is presented according to the speaker's preference. If papers are to be pre-circulated they are linked from this site (typically a week before the seminar). In such cases attendees are encouraged to try to read the paper in advance, but this is by no means a requirement. Discussion is fairly informal, and as befits a work in progress seminar, the focus is on constructive and useful feedback.

Any papers linked here are drafts; please do not cite or circulate more widely without permission. This term’s schedule is immediately below; you can also find details of previous terms.

Current Schedule

Michaelmas 2014

Week 2
Andrew Stephenson, Kant, the Paradox of Knowability and the Meaning of Experience
Week 4
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra, Indiscernible Universals
Week 6
Dennis Lehmkuhl, The Metaphysics of Super-Substantivalism (NOTE different room)
Week 8
George Darby, Philosophical uses of Arrow's theorem

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