Handlink Photographs

Here are two pictures of my model handlink, made in 1996 (I am thinking of making one using the updated sketch which looks much better, but no decision yet). The small pictures are links to larger JPGs.

A picture of the handlink in `compact form' with its circuit box underneath. There is actually a 2.5 inch speaker protruding out of the back of the box. The handlink is connected to the circuit by a short rainbow ribbon cable with a plug on one end.

I have lifted the circuit out of the box so that you can see it more easily. The larger IC at the top is the ISD chip. A rechargeable 9-volt battery lurks underneath the circuit board. A long ribbon cable has been plugged in between the handlink and the circuit so that the handlink can be carried around with the circuit box hidden away. Above the handlink is the small recording circuit. The terminals are on the far edge at the left, but they are too dark to see. They plug in to the terminals on the left edge of the main circuit board.

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