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Fritz Vollrath

Prof. Fritz Vollrath

Fritz Vollrath received his PhD from the Zoology Department at the University of Freiburg in Germany. After time at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution in Panama and the Zoology Departments at the Universities of Oxford UK, Basel CH and Aarhus DK he is now back at the Zoology Department in Oxford holding an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council.

Presently Fritz' research focusses on spiders’ web engineering and structure-function relationships or a wide range of silks and natural silk composites.   In addition Fritz is becoming increasingly interested in silk as fully sustainable key components in many industries that have significant socio-economic potential especially in developing countries and in this work he collaborates closely with Oxford Biomaterials.

Fritz' other interests concern elephant conservation and in that capacity he chairs Save the Elephants, heads the Oxford Tracking Group and and is actively involved with the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya   

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Recent News

November 2019

Prof. Fritz Vollrath and colleagues from the Fudan University in China are widely covered in the news for their discovery of a means to produce fake Rhino horns using horse hair. Hopes are that this product may undermine the illegal market for rhino horn, and demistify the properties of rhino horn. View Here


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