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Sound in Silk

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Other Publications

2012 ???•??? <) ??:?????????
(The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, translated by Fujia Chen)

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Recent News

December 2020

Two new studies have found that spiders can not only catch prey efficiently even when webs are severely distorted, but also build a normal web even when the structures to which it is anchored are continually moving

November 2020

This paper reviewed in Scientific American examines an interesting and potentially very important paradigm of morphological computing to study and test new ideas about the next generation of robots.

November 2019

Prof. Fritz Vollrath and colleagues from the Fudan University in China are widely covered in the news for their discovery of a means to produce fake Rhino horns using horse hair. Hopes are that this product may undermine the illegal market for rhino horn, and demistify the properties of rhino horn. View Here

October 2019

Scientists from the universities of Oxford, Shanghai and Beijing discovered how it can be that natural silks get stronger as they get colder. View Here

September 2019

Our latest Spin-out Spintex Engineering will use Aquamelt TM spinning technology to manufacture spider-type filaments


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