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The Low Down

Operation run from a shed type-of-thing. Not to be confused with Mantra Records who run a tight ship and do things properly.

The Bands

The current roster is:

The Releases

WTB001 (12" Single)
Where's the Beach: Suakin / Tripping the Luv Fantastic / Feed the Fire.
ZOB002 (Cassette) Mantra Tracks
including WTB (Feed the Fire Instrumental, No Liberty, Henrys Head (from 1987)), Cindy and the Barbi Dolls, Frontiers of Chaos, Elemental.
WTB003 (12" Single)
Where's the Beach: Primeval Goddess / Deliciously Deranged / No Liberty.
WTB004 (12" Single)
Where's the Beach: Sex Slave Zombie 1 / Sex Slave Zombie 2 / Bomb Time / Kaos at the Axe Factory.
ZOB005 (Cassette) Frontiers Of Chaos
Where's the Beach: See For Miles / Hellish Genocide / Natural Calamity / Koresch

All products cost 4:00 UK (incl. P&P). 4:50 (or $7:00) Rest of the World. Please make cheques (for payments) payable to Mantra. Send $ orders in Cash.


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