QBO Modelling and Reanalyses Workshop

16-18 March 2015, Victoria BC, Canada

** Registration Deadline: December 12, 2014 **

Welcome to the QBO Modelling and Reanalyses Workshop

The objective of the QBO Modelling and Reanalyses Workshop is to better understand the QBO in Observations and Reanalyses and to improve the fidelity of tropical stratosphere variability in present-day GCMs and those tropospheric processes underpinning this variability. The Workshop will (1) evaluate present-day QBO variability in observations and models during a Science Meeting, and (2) design joint numerical experiments following an active discussion of modelling groups on the second & third days of the Workshop.

The Workshop will be held on 16-18 March 2015 (Monday to Wednesday) at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria BC, Canada. Directions of to how to travel to the venue and book accommodation can be found in the above links.

The meeting will be tightly focussed, with invited and contributed science presentations on day one and planned experiment discussions on day two and three. Please register your interest for the Workshop online by following the above link, although numbers are limited. There is no Workshop fee.

The Workshop is an outflow of the QBOi activity and the QBO and Tropical Variability Group working on the SPARC S-RIP Report. The Workshop is kindly sponsored by the UK National Environmental Research Council and SPARC.