SulKiDo - A Korean Martial art related to HapKiDo, KukSoolWon and TaeKwonDo
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Sadly, the Oxford SulKiDo club closed down at the end of 2021 following almost 50 years of continuous operation. The prolonged shut-downs caused by the COVID19 pandemic made it impossible to conduct training sessions or recruit new members rendering the club unviable. This website is presented now for historical reasons only and is unfortunately incomplete due to over-zealous cleaning by the original website hosting provider.


Oxford SulKiDo Club

SulKiDo is a traditional Korean martial art with an emphasis on practical self-defence. By combining strikes, throws and locks in a single system it provides a comprehensive range of techniques, useful for dealing with everything from common harassment to street violence. Training in SulKiDo will improve your life by giving
* higher levels of fitness [emblem] all-round flexibility *
* enhanced co-ordination greater self-confidence *

About SulKiDo in Oxford

If you're new to SulKiDo or martial arts, we suggest you begin your tour of this web-site with the FAQ.

* Frequently Asked Questions
* A guide to the syllabus


Although based within the University facilities, membership of the club is open to any adult (we don't run childrens classes). The main sessions (open to everyone) are at the University Sports Centre on Iffley Road, held three-times weekly at:

* Tuesday 8.30pm-10.15pm
* Thursday 8.30pm-10.15pm
* Sunday 12.30pm-2.00pm

with extra sessions and events being announced to club members via regular newsletters and email circulars. Outside the university term the sunday session does not operate.

Membership of the Oxford Club is based on an annual subscription, which entitles members to attend all regular sessions (there are no additional `per session' fees) and includes a free training outfit for beginners.

Contacting SulKiDo in Oxford

If you'd like to know more then either use our response form, email us at, or just come along for a free trial session.

For information about some of the other SulKiDo clubs in the UK, see