Why Join?

Membership of OUMC is available to anybody who would like to join; as well as students and university staff, we have many members with no affiliation to Oxford University who take part in all aspects of the club's activities. We are always looking for new members, and even if you've never climbed before you will be just as welcome as those with years of mountaineering experience. 

Membership Benefits

How to Join

Click below to fill out your membership form. Don't forget to transfer your membership fee to the treasurer after submitting the form.

Membership form
How do I join?

Simply read the information and follow the instructions above. You'll also find information about our current membership fees there.

I've never climbed before, can I try?

Of course! OUMC welcomes everyone, including beginners and non-students. Come along to one of our climbing sessions or Wednesday pub gatherings. Our termcard and Facebook will tell you where and when to find us.

How can I subscribe to the mailing list?

Simply send a blank e-mail to climbers-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk, and follow the instructions in the response, to subscribe to our mailing list

Can I borrow OUMC books from the Bodleian Library?

Yes if you're an OUMC member (even if you're not part of the University). Remember to bring your OUMC card!

Do you have your own bouldering wall?

Yes, we do! You can find the Iffley wall at the University Sports Centre.

Are there bouldering mats at Iffley?

The club's bouldering wall at Iffley does not have large fixed crash mats like you'll see at Brookes and other modern walls. Instead, we use portable mats that you place at the bottom of the problem you're intending to climb. These mats are kept on top of the lockers on the right at the far end of the wall.

Does the club do trips to climb on real rock?

We climb all over the UK on official club meets in term time. The meets page will tell you everything you need to know about club meets.

Out of term, our members usually organise unofficial trips between themselves. If you're keen to get involved, chat to people at the pub as well as keeping an eye on our Facebook page.

Do members organise unofficial trips outside of term time?

There are plenty of people around when undergraduates term time finishes. If you're in Oxford outside term time and want to keep up with unofficial activities, join our Facebook page.

Lots of unofficial trips also get organised on Wednesday at The Gardners Arms too!

Does the club do walking trips?

In short, no. On club trips we only go walking when it's raining and there is no climbing to be done, or to get to the beginning of some rock or ice. The OU Walking Club are probably who you're looking for. Many of our members are also keen walkers and may be interested in any trips you have in mind.