Janiculum Mills Excavations 1998

Some of the 1998 team: Genevieve Gessert, Sandy Blakely, Felix Schaefer, Friederike Hachmeier, Steve Cirarlo.



I am most grateful to the American Academy in Rome, The Packard Foundation, The Oppenheim Foundation, and the Craven Committee of the University of Oxford for funding the excavations, and also to Mr and Mrs A.K. Wilson for a contribution towards living expenses for the excavation team. The excavations were carried out with the permission of the Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma, and I wish to express my gratitude to Claudio Mocchegiani Carpano and Franco Astolfi for their assistance and support.

In 1998 the excavation team consisted of Ben Akrigg, Tyler Bell, Sandra Blakely, Genevieve Gessert, Friederike Hachmeier and Felix Schaefer, with voluntary assistance from Paolo Imperatore, Steve Cirarlo, Elise Brewster, Joanne Williamson and Alexandra Lesk, without whose patient and skilled work the results obtained could not have been achieved. The team for the ongoing 1999 excavations consists of Tyler Bell, Sandra Blakely, Stephanie Knight, Zena Kamash and David Ingham. Thanks are due to Anna Leone for studying the pottery.

I am particularly grateful to Lisa Fentress and Malcolm Bell for their invitation to excavate the Via Medici mills, and for all their assistance before and during the project; to Caroline Bruzelius, Alessandra Vinciguerra, Shawna Leigh and Myles McDonnell for their support and co-operation; and to the Academy's staff for much practical help, in particular to Ann Coulson, Sarah Hartman, Marina Lella, Caroline Howard, Giovanni Cimoroni, and the maintenance and grounds crews. Other Academy fellows and scholars, especially Darby Scott, Eric Hostetter, Ted Pena and Jennifer Trimble, provided much help and advice.

Dr Andrew Wilson

University Lecturer in Roman Archaeology
Institute of Archaeology
36 Beaumont St


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