Teaching (note: I am on leave during 2016)

I offer undergraduate tutorials for the following papers:

  • Polybius, Rome and the Mediterranean, 241-146 BC (both AMH and LitHum versions)
  • Republic in Crisis: 146-46 BC (both AMH and LitHum versions)
  • From Republic to Empire: 46 BC - AD 54
  • Cicero and Catiline
  • Cicero: Politics and Thought
  • Roman Epigraphy (MSt / MPhil)

I currently lecture on:

  • Polybius, Rome and the Mediterranean, 241-146 BC (MT)
  • Epigraphic Documents for Polybius, Rome and the Mediterranean (HT)
  • Constitution of the Roman Republic (HT)
  • Roman Republican Themes (HT)
  • Rome and the Mediterranean (TT)
I also teach the final-year undergraduate classes in 'Cicero: Politics and Thought'
(for Literae Humaniores, Ancient and Modern History, and Classical Archaeology and Ancient History).
I currently supervise both Masters (MSt and MPhil) and Doctoral (DPhil) students in ancient history. I am happy to supervise graduates working on either Roman Republican or Sicilian history, particularly if these overlap with my own interests in Roman imperialism and provincial government, in Sicilian hellenistic and Roman history, and in epigraphic approaches to the history of these periods. I am always happy to discuss research proposals informally.
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Last updated: 14 April, 2016