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The Right to Sex, with Daniel Denvir, THE DIG (2021)

The Right to Sex, with Medaya Ocher and Kate Wolf, LARB RADIO HOUR (2021)

The Right to Sex, with Merve Emre, INTELLIGENCE SQUARED (2021)

The right to sex, Me Too, incels and pornography, THE OWEN JONES SHOW (2021)

Let‘s talk about sex, DOING IT RIGHT WITH PANDORA SYKES (2021)

Can We Change our Sexual Desires? Should We?’, THE EZRA KLEIN SHOW (2021)

Amia Srinivasan on Utopian Feminism, THE TYLER COWEN SHOW (2021)

Is Overthrowing Capitalism the Best Path to More Consensual Sex?, with Christina Cauterucci, SLATE’S THE WAVES PODCAST (2021)

The Right to Sex, with Alice Spawls, LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS PODCAST (2021)

Between the Sheets and In the Streets, with Stephanie Bastek, AMERICAN SCHOLAR SMARTY PANTS PODCAST (2021)

The Right to Sex, with Moira Weigel, CHARIS BOOKS AND MORE // WOMEN & CHILDREN FIRST (2021)

Sex and the Politics of Desire, with Alex Doherty, POLITICS THEORY OTHER (2021)

Let’s Talk About (The Politics of) Sex, Baby, with Shon Faye and Huw Lemmey, THE OWEN JONES SHOW (2021). Audio-only here.

Longplayer Assembly: in conversation with Brian Eno and Farhana Yamin, ARTANGEL (2020)

The Force of Non-Violence: In conversation with Judith Butler, Verso // Whitechapel Gallery // British Library (2020)

Everyone Misplaces My Keys: on pronouns, with Thomas Jones, LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS (2020)

Sex and Lies: In conversation with Leïla Slimani, LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS (2020).

What is a Woman? PHILOSOPHY BITES podcast (2017)

In Defence of Anger, BBC RADIO 4 (2014). Transcript here.

Genealogy, PHILOSOPHY BITES podcast (2014).


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Paris Review

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Chronicle of Higher Education

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The Financial Times

Interview Magazine (in conversation with Emily Ratajkowski)

Oxford Review of Books

Prospect Magazine: The World’s Top 50 Thinkers 2019

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