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The Right to Sex was published in 2021 in the UK / Commonwealth by Bloomsbury and by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in the US. It is a book of feminist essays – on rape and racial oppression, pornography and the internet, sex work and carceralism, pleasure and power, sex and pedagogy, the ethics of sexual desire, and sex and the state. The book includes an essay previously published in the London Review of Books: ‘The Right to Sex’.

The Right to Sex has been shortlisted for the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Orwell Prize, was as instant Sunday Times bestseller, and is the winner of Blackwell’s Book of the Year. Named one of the Best Books of 2021 by The New York Times Book Critics, The Times Literary Supplement, Prospect, Boston Globe, Guardian, Waterstones, Project Syndicate, Electric Literature, The Irish Times, The White Review, iNews and Publisher’s Weekly. Also named one of The Atlantic’s Five Best Books of 2021, a New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice, a History Workshop Journal Radical Read 2021, a Vox Best Book of the Fall, and a Lit Hub’s Best Reviewed Essay Collection.

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The Right to Sex will also be published in translation with De Geus (Netherlands), Temas e Debates (Portugal), Klett-Cotta (Germany), Capitana (Norway), Changbi (Korea), Anagrama (Spain), Todavia (Brazil), Rizzoli Libri (Italy), AST (Russia), Presses Universitaires de France (France), Can Yayinlari (Turkey), Gutkind (Denmark), Gummerus (Finland), Keiso Shobo (Japan), Natur Och Kultur (Sweden), Nisit Sam Yan (Thailand), Coral Books (Vietnam).


For publicity enquiries in the UK, please email Anna Massardi at Bloomsbury Anna.Massardi@bloomsbury.com

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For all other book enquiries, please email Karolina Sutton at Curtis Brown Karolina.Sutton@curtisbrown.co.uk


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Edinburgh Festival (August 2022)

Blackwell’s Oxford (1 June 2022)

Hay Festival (28 May 2022)

Waterstones London (25 May 2022)

LRB Bookshop (19 August, online)

How To Academy (22 August, online)

FT Weekend Festival (04 September, in-person)

Books Are Magic, with Sarah Leonard (22 September, online)

Charis Books & More, with Moira Weigel (25 September, online)

New York Institute of the Humanities (1 October, online)

Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities, Essen (4 October, online)

Cheltenham Literary Festival (8 October, in-person)

Blackwells Oxford (9 October, in-person)

‘Amia Srinivasan is an unparalleled and extraordinary writer—no one X-rays an argument, a desire, a contradiction, a defense mechanism quite like her . . . a bracing revivification of a crucial lineage in feminist writing’ JIA TOLENTINO

‘Laser-cut writing and a stunning intellect. If only every writer made this much beautiful sense’ LISA TADDEO

`In these essays, Amia Srinivasan takes on some of the biggest challenges of sexual politics in our time. The finesse, energy and scrupulous care with which she does so will confirm her growing reputation as an important and fearless feminist thinker.’ JACQUELINE ROSE

‘Amia Srinivasan’s magnificent first book announces itself as a classic. Already one of our most superlative philosophers and stylish essayists, Srinivasan shows that concern for the plight of the most oppressed is never disconnected from general explorations of and movements for free lives for everyone, and the renovated social order our common future requires’ SAMUEL MOYN

'Rigorously researched, but written with such spark and verve. The best non-fiction book I have read this year' PANDORA SYKES

‘A spectacular piece of writing - a book that asks you to believe that the world could be radically different, and a book which engages in the strenuous work of imagining how that world might come into being’ KATHERINE RUNDELL

‘I’ve thoroughly audited why anyone should skip The Right to Sex, and I couldn’t think of any reasons. Srinivasan’s work is . . . superb.’ NAOISE DOLAN

‘Srinivasan demonstrates how the feminist philosopher can emancipate our basic ethical concepts from the stranglehold of patriarchy, capitalism, and state racism - and this is a remarkable and promising effort’ JUDITH BUTLER

‘quietly dazzling . . . [a] brilliant, rigorous book. She coaxes our imaginations out of the well-worn grooves of the existing order.’


‘Amia Srinivasan is the most brilliant feminist theorist writing today. 

Each essay in The Right to Sex is a masterpiece on its own; taken together, they show how learning to think carefully and precisely about the politics of desire is the preeminent ethical project of our time’ MERVE EMRE

‘Her ambitious, magisterial work stands out in the ongoing tide of dull, girlboss feminism arguing for personal empowerment over collective liberation’ VOGUE

‘an extraordinary collection of essays . . .  to say [they] are a must-read is a colossal understatement.’ DAZED

A fascinating collection of essays . . . Marked by lucid prose, innovative thinking, and a penchant for resisting easy answers, this is a must-read’  PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

‘Potent, thought-provoking ruminations on feminism as a political movement capable of eradicating the subordination of women . . . a vital, compelling collection’ KIRKUS